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Sep 14

WAVDSP Preamp Collection v1.0.1

WAVDSP Preamp Collection v1.0.1


WAVDSP Preamp Collection v1.0.1 | 12 MB | Language: English

Amplify your sound. Choose your amplifiers. Neural Networks Algorithms. We employ deep learning algorithms to execute extensive computations on enormous amounts of data to capture our initial concept of preamp. Aggressive preamp data computations based on machine learning provide excellent precision for matching the original source.

Alpha-i 212L bring original cloning from 212L Discrete Mic Pre. The tone of the Alpha-i 212L its roots in the classic 2488 series all discrete recording consoles. Bring characteristic of 2520 OP-AMP
iCONIC 73 bring original cloning from 73 Preamp. Adding clarity and color to any source. Very sweet and bigger sound. Come with original signal harmonic distortion.
Alpha-VT 737 is vacuum tube and discrete preamplifier. Class A-high-voltage transistors for optimum sonic performance. you’ll be amazed at how warm and sweet it sounds.
SOLID-E delivers the sound of 4K-Series console all discrete design. Class A Preamplifier gives you rich harmonic distortion to more aggressive.
Purple Box is a clone of a popular vocal preamplifier. Give you very clear sound, smoothness on tube circuit.
Emulation of the legendary mic preamp
Emulation of the most popular mic preamplifier using neural networks and deep learning methods.
Gain or Line Level
Choose whether to handle your input source at mic or line level.
Pad Signal
To get the best saturation from the preamp processor, Pad your input signal before preamp processing.
Output Level
After preamp processing, you may control your output signal.
Auto Gain Matching
Auto Gain is a useful function for keeping the level balanced before and after processing. It’s now even easier to locate our iconic sound.

Homepage: https://wavdsp.com/preamp-collection/






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