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May 02

Thinkbox Sequoia v1.1.63 (x64)

Thinkbox Sequoia v1.1.63 (x64)


Thinkbox Sequoia v1.1.63 (x64) | 75 MB | Language: English

The software developer Thinkbox Software is pleased to announce the availability of Sequoia 1.1 is a stand-alone product for point cloud processing and meshing.

Sequoia 1.1.63
– Minor update on January 31, 2017
– Addresses interface bugs in viewport navigation, keyframe animation manipulation.
Bug Fixes
– The state of the Auto Update Occlusions checkbox will now be stored and restored with the Document.
– Loading a Document with a Mesh Loader will now correctly update it to auto-load the active partitions.
– Fixed the editing of Bookmarks loaded from a saved SQ Document – setting a Bookmark to a new View was being ignored in previous versions.
– Pressing F5 to refresh a Point Loader which is connected to a Mesher does not trigger a Mesher update anymore. Updating the Mesher will still update the Loader if needed.
– Scaling of a rotated object will now correctly scale along the object’s local axes.
AWS Thinkbox Sequoiaquickly and efficiently creates geometry from point cloud data acquired from laser scanners, photogrammetry and other sources. Sequoia easily handles large data sets exceeding system memory while remaining interactive. Smoothing and decimation tools help process the resulting mesh for export or 3D printing. Native integration with AWS Thinkbox Deadline enables point cloud and mesh processing across multiple compute nodes.
The software is tailored for “the architecture, engineering and construction markets”, but has obvious applications for set or prop reconstruction in visual effects; or for anyone working with dense CAD files.
A key selling point for Sequoia is its ability to return results before all the data has loaded, minimising waiting times when working on very large production data sets.
SEQUOIA 1.1 Introduction – Basic Workflow
A basic introduction to the loading, conversion and meshing of LiDAR point cloud data in Thinkbox Software’s SEQUOIA.
Founded by Chris Bond in 2010, Thinkbox Softwaredevelops production-proven tools for visual artists and backs each product with highly responsive support. Used across entertainment, engineering and design, Thinkbox’s products include Deadline high-volume data management software used to render or process files and several other artist-driven software tools to create, visualize and modify datasets for visual effects, animation and digital simulations.
Amazon Acquired Thinkbox Software for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to advance its offerings of the cloud computing services. It will result in increased productivity of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Product:Thinkbox Sequoia
Version:1.1.63 (70c3bc8)
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :www.awsthinkbox.com
Languages Supported:english
System Requirements:Windows *
Size:75.6 mb

Homepage: https://www.awsthinkbox.com






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