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Aug 03

StageCraft DJ Effects bundle v7.3.3 (x64)

StageCraft DJ Effects bundle v7.3.3 (x64)


StageCraft DJ Effects bundle v7.3.3 (x64) | 140 MB | Language: English

Disarray is directly inspired from the KAOSS pads of a couple decades ago. This simple controller allows you to manipulate multiple effects across and XY plane in startling and amazing ways.

Down and dirty, our take on this classic and vital effect is a time tested classic, embellished by our own custom touches. Use this plugin to alter the dynamic range of your signals and you will not be disappointed!
This plugin is a direct collaboration with Dr Chris Warren (aka Superhoax), who is also the genius behind Echothief, the library of impulse responses we use for our modeling reverb of the same name.
Our Glitch Machine gives you precise control over the probability that a stutter will occur at any point in the measure. This gives you many options for augmenting your beats; driving straight repeats, heavy offbeats, or more random and messy glitches are all easily available.
Our take on the RingMod Effect! Fully syncing, and with multiple waveform options (the only RingMod out there to use waveforms other than sine). Also comes equipped with a Flanger, Chorus and Filter, which match frequency to the RingMod for fully a truly unique fully synced effect.
EchoThief is a real-time reverb convolution plugin. What sets this plugin apart is its use of the EchoThief impulse response library. This library was created using custom, state-of-the-art signal processing technology that enables the recording of impulse responses in acoustic spaces that are too noisy to capture using other methods.
Our Overdrive plugin focuses on giving you the ability to design your own distortion. It comes complete with 5 high quality distortion types, which can be overlapped. We’ve also added EQ and compressor phases for the ultimate in distortion shaping.
A quantizing, dual band Delay designed with EDM music in mind. Our delay is the only one out there to show you the spectrum response as you play, so you can literally see the effect it has on the audio.
SC Bitcrusher is a full-featured bitcrusher plugin that lets you control bit rate, rate reduction, and stereo spread (with stereo field visualization). We’ve also added a filter section that allows you to add filtered noise to the mix.
SC AutoFilter – filter
SC BitCrusher – bitcrusher
SC Compressor – compressor
SC Delay – delay
SC Disarray – XY plane controller
SC EchoThief – convolution reverb
SC Glitch Machine – stutter glitch
SC MadMod – reactive filter
SC Overdrive 5 – distortion
SC Picante – tone shaper
SC RingMod – ring modulator
SC Scratch Track – turntable scratch
SC Universal Plug – plugin wrapper
SC Vinyl Lab – DJ turntable
SC XFade – crossfader

Homepage: https://www.stagecraftsoftware.com/products/effects/






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