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Jul 14

InventorCAM 2021 SP5 HF2 Build 130553 (x64) Multilanguage

InventorCAM 2021 SP5 HF2 Build 130553 (x64) Multilanguage


InventorCAM 2021 SP5 HF2 Build 130553 (x64) Multilanguage | 4.99 GB | Language: Multilanguage

SolidCAM is pleased to announce the availability of new version CAM software – InventorCAM 2021 SP5 HF2. The 2021

release added Powerful New Tool Table – ToolKit (important especially for Mill-Turn & Swiss-Type customers) and also provides additional advanced functionality in all modules – 2.5D Milling, HSR, HSM, Sim. 5x, Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type.
InventorCAM 2021 SP5 HF2 Release Notes – Date: July 7, 2022
SOL-21392 Transform/Wrong toolpath rendered
SOL-21519 CAM Tree/ Search option – Keep in memory last option used
SOL-21880 The tool list cannot be resized and tool names are in the German language
SOL-21938 Machine Simulation/ Turning/ Fixture is not rotated in the Machine Simulation
SOL-21982 MachSim /Superimposition/ When we recalculate operations the MachSim is wrong
SOL-22035 G-code/tool_taper_angle value is not taken from Angle but from Shoulder angle in GUI
SOL-22048 ToolKit /Cutting point circle not in the correct plane Fixed
SOL-22054 Toolkit add Adaptor and Drag&Drop not working as expected Fixed
SOL-22062 Sim5x /G0 in G1 mode Rapid feed does not output in Gcode Fixed
SOL-22066 NTT/The imported tools from the *.TAB file created in older SolidCAM version is wrong
SOL-22073 GUI/Some GUI Corrections needed inside CAM setting for English Install Fixed
SOL-22110 Geodesic machining/Missing first rapid if technology is 3x and G0 in G1 mode is turned on
SOL-22115 CAM Tree/Option “Undo sequence” causes crash on milling operations

SolidCAM is a CAM softwarethat integrates directly into SolidWorks andInventor.Officially approved partners and all that. Their CNC programming toolsets look and feel like the CAD systems as much as possible, making the learning curve shorter. You define, calculate and verify all your machining operations without leaving the CAD environment. They can handle programming 2.5- to 5-axis machining, high-speed surface milling, wire EDM, etc. Their models are fully associative, so your toolpaths update when you make a part change. There are no import/export hassles, and you don’t have to learn some CAM system’s idea of a CAD application to make them work.
SolidCAM 2021 is BEST version ever. It has a Powerful New Tool Table – ToolKit (important especially for Mill-Turn & Swiss-Type customers). It also provides additional advanced functionality in all modules – 2.5D Milling, HSR, HSM, Sim. 5x, Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type.
What’s New in SolidCAM 2021 – NEW SolidCAM Simulator
SolidCAM Incis a world leader in advanced tool path generation technology (CAM) running directly inside SolidWorks. SolidCAM features a full line of CNC machine programming software solutions ranging from 2 axis lathes and 3 axis mills to extremely complex multi-axis MillTurn machines and Wire Edm. All products run directly inside SolidWorks and provide the user with a true “SolidWorks look and feel” for ease of use and maximum efficiency. Along with the integrated interface and scalability for new machines, SolidCAM also has its patented “iMachining” that powers users to new levels of productivity and profits, through unmatched cycle time reduction and unrivaled tool life.

Languages Supported: 中文, Čeština, Dansk, Nederlands, English, Français, Deutsch, עברית, Magyar,
Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Polski, Português, Русский, Español, Türkçe
Version:2021 SP5 HF2 Build 130553
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :www.solidcam.com
Languages Supported:multilanguage
System Requirements:Windows *
Software Prerequisites:InventorCAM 2018-2022
Size:4.99 Gb


Homepage: https://www.solidcam.com






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