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Nov 23

WinAutomation Professional Plus


WinAutomation Professional Plus + Cracked | 221.55 MB


WinAutomation is a powerful and easy to use Windows based platform for building Software Robots. Software robots are apps that live in your computer and can be instructed to do whatever a real user does. Teach them to perform effortlessly any of your tasks, leveraging WinAutomation Macro and Web Recorders.

Some of the tasks you can automate with WinAutomation:
– Automatically fill and submit web forms with data from local files.
– Retrieve and parse your emails and update a database with the data contained in the emails.
– Launch applications, move, resize, close and manipulate windows, take screenshots.
– Convert your tasks into your very own applications that you can share with others, with the press of a button.
– Harvest web sites and extract data from any web page into Excel or text files.
– Copy, move, edit, rename, compress, uncompress and manipulate files and folders in any possible way.
– Read and write data to Excel files, connect to SQL databases and manipulate text files.
– Run any task using the built-in scheduler, when you press a hotkey, when a file is created or deleted, when your site is down or when you receive an email.
– Send prerecorded mouse clicks and keystrokes to any desktop application.
– Automate your FTP transfers: Download and upload files or entire folders at schedule.
– Include logic to automate even the most complex tasks.
– Combine all the above to design custom tasks for your specific needs.

Macro Recorder
Perform the task you would like to automate on your screen once and the Macro Recorder will convert it into a series of Actions that can be repeated as many times as you like. After the recording you can further customize the macro to your liking using the Job Designer.

Web Automation
Just browse through your favorite parts of the Web and collect data, fill forms, download files – do all the things you usually do online and the Web Recorder will convert these into a Macro you can run whenever you need.

Visual Job Designer
The Visual Job Editor that will make your fiddling with automation more entertaining than playing around with a pile of toy bricks.

Task Scheduler
The built-in Task Scheduler allows you to execute any of your tasks automatically based on your chosen timeframe. Set up your tasks to be done exactly when you need them by selecting from the different options in the schedule menu.

Keyboard Macro
The keyboard has been the longest standing unchanged piece of hardware binded along with our computers ever since they became personal, so it is high time we gave them a ‘turn-of-the-milenium’ twist. Queue keyboard macro automation.

System Monitoring
System Monitoring allows you to execute any of your tasks automatically based on your chosen event. Set up your tasks to run exactly when you need them by selecting any of the different options in the trigger menu.

UI Designer
The built-in UI Designer will add some flare to your dialog windows. Whenever your Jobs will require some user input, no longer will the user be greeted by the same boring grey dialog – your only limit is your level of CSS expertice, so start customising!

Email Automation
Inbox management has become so cumbersome and bulky that if you were to actualy go through all email your receive you would be wasting a lifetime. WinAutomation and its built-in email Automation Actions are here to tell your computer how to sort through all this mess.

Job Compiler
Well, now you can start sharing right away with anyone running Windows on their PC and Server, and without the need to have WinAutomation installed.

Excel Automation
Read and write data, manipulate worksheets and do pretty much anything with Excel, that once needed you to learn Visual Basic to do Macros.

Files & Folders Automation
Automate files and folders operations, batch rename, move, resize and do anything with your filesystem, and do it the clever way!

FTP Automation
Want to update your CMS the moment the update comes out and never have anything to do with it ? Maybe download all logs and copy them to Excel? Or setup some other automated process to handle your uploading and downloading to FTP? WinAutomation has the answer yet again!

Whats New in WinAutomation Professional Plus

General New Features
– Added: Set expiry date: in Schedule, now includes the time also. The option to provide the Autologin password via a Command Line
– Added: Automatic Logging: to log ALL actions and their execution timing in the Logs.
– Added: The ability to get a Screenshot of the monitor(s) and add it in the logs, upon an exception (Set from the Process Properties of from the Exception handling)
– Added: Additional details of an error, available in the Process Designer and not only through the Console Logs
– Added: Add a WinAutomation shortcut while installing for easy and quick access
– Added: Web Automation enhancement with supporting IE, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Process Designer
– Added: Find Usages: for Functions, displaying a list of where each Function is being used for ease of troubleshooting
– Added: Sort Images: in the Images Repository by Name or Date for ease of access
– Added: Go to Line: Functionality in the Process Designer to enable better troubleshooting in large processes
– Added: Text Search: within the Process Designer to search for any text present in the actions, comments or regions
– Added: Image magnifier tool is now showing in all Image related actions, for more accuracy in Image capturing
– Added: Mass Function delete. The option to select more than one Functions and delete them all

New Actions
– Added: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome support for better Web-Automation
– Added: Run Excel Macro: New Action in order ton Run an Excel Macro by its name
– Added: Execute JavaScript on Web Browser: New Action in order to run JavaScripts on a webpage
– Added: Save Excel: New Action, that will help in saving an Excel file without having to close it
– Added: Extract PDF Pages to New PDF New Action, for splitting a PDF file into smaller parts
– Added: Time Zone added to Get Current Date and Time Action
– Added: Support for OCR with two engines: MODI and Tesseract
– Added: New conditional actions for decision making Switch-Case
– Added: Supporting Microsoft Exchange with new Email actions

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