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Mar 28

Reallusion iClone Pro 7.9.5124.1 x64

Reallusion iClone Pro 7.9.5124.1 (x64) | 2.10 GB

Designed for ease of use and integrating the latest real-time technologies, iClone 7 unifies the world of 3D Animation in an all-in-one production tool that blends character creation, animation, scene design and story direction into a real-time engine with artistic visual quality for unparalleled production speed and rendering power.

The iClone Animation Pipeline seamlessly connects industry-standard 3D applications and game-engines for games, film & virtual production. iClone is ideal for indie filmmakers or pro studio crews with tools designed for writers, directors, animators or anyone to turn their vision into a reality.

What’s New in iClone Pro 7:

Intuitive Character & Motion Workflow
Freeform body morphing and fashion layering design for custom character creation. Fully-rigged for body motion, mocap, lip-synch and facial animation.

Quintessential Animation with Professional Power
Advanced tools for curve editing, PhysX simulating natural rigid body dynamics and soft cloth behavior, organic morphs, collision and constraints.

Active Directing with Camera, Lights and Props
Command and control the production with real multi-camera system, cinematic timeline editing, complete lighting and scene setup.

Cinematic Real-time Visuals
Encompassing artistic real-time 3D Visuals including PBR, IBL, and Global Illumination to achieve ultimate quality for speedy production.

Pipeline to 3D Tools and Game Engines
Complete workflow to import and export rigged 3D characters, motions, camera, scenes and props.

Unlimited Expansion with Industry-Leading Plugins
Powerful partner technologies incorporated to innovate rendering, dynamic materials, mocap and more.

On-demand Content & Community Assets
Access to ready-to-animate characters, motions, accessories & props from branded content partners and featured artists.

Release Notes:
– More realistic and natural talking animations can be achieved with the brand new AccuLips lipsync system.
– New ExpressionPlus for CC3+ characters consist of 63 custom blend-shapes (52 Apple ARKit and 11 Tongue blend-shapes), providing the best performance for Facial Puppet, Face Key, and LIVE Face.

Three types of sharable hair content types: rlHairStyle, rlHair, and rlHairElement.
– Path to hair content (CC Hair and iC Hair) has changed to Part > Hair > Group > Hair > _Legacy to separate between iClone 7 and iClone 6 plus prior content.

– New Root, ID, and Flow maps are now available for the Digital Human Hair shader for additional visual adjustments such as hair highlights, layering effects, etc.
– New Talking Style Editor now available for Viseme clips can be used to effortlessly adjust the strength of the individual mouth shapes. A number of settings are also provided to address different scenarios.

– New Smooth / Downsample functionality now available for Expression clips can smooth out noise in motion data.
The new Clip Speed dialog window can be used to adjust a clip’s duration according to percentage or frame count.
– New Auto-Blink option can be conveniently accessed right inside Facial Puppet to prevent from unwanted eyelid movement when recording new expression clips. The settings will be stored with the character upon save, and is linked to the Auto-Blink setting inside the Modify Panel.

– Be able to align preview region to a selected clip, the new Set Start/End Frame to the Selected Clip function is now available in the timeline.
– Face Key Muscle panel now provides two additional expression sets: ExPlus and ExPlus-Tongue.
– Face Key Expression panel now provides 4 example sets of ExPlus.

– Every expression set in the Face Key Expression panel now comes with the Default functionality with the ability to reset to factory settings.
– Face Key Modify panel has now expanded to 64 slots.
– 7 new ExPlus Profile sets to Facial Puppet.
– Facial Puppet has three new key modes:
– New: Create brand new motions.
– Blend: Combined animation effect using a mask.
– Replace: Multipass recording by replacing the current animation within a masked area.
– Custom Expression morphs have extended from 24 to 64 slots.
– Be able to import Alembic (.abc) point cache animation.

– Improved usability of the Face Key user interface by fixing the layout, adding a search function, and the ability to rename custom sliders.
– Face Puppet now takes the screen width as a guide for the input area, making it easier to understand the size and location of the input region. Calculation for the input area ratio for dual-screens has also been fixed.
– Using Select Color gives immediate visual feedback (for Diffuse, Ambient Color, etc.)
– New default project path inside preference settings.
– New Stop Timeline Scrolling feature in the preference settings allows you to toggle playhead follow during playback.
– New mute and solo features for the Audio track for the character’s sound and voice tracks.
– Show/Hide status in the scene manager will now save with the project.
New Sensitive option for Face Keys.

– Look At saved as MotionPlus causes the eyeballs to jutter.
– Remove Object Animation failes to erase Path Offsets key.
– Size of the textures in an exported FBX file is adversely influenced by the Max Texture Size in the Preference settings.
– Look Weight not working properly for Look At – Look At does not follow the position of the pivot point.
– Pressing the "E" hotkey inside the Edit Motion Layer panel fails to change Local Rotate to World Rotate.
– Sound loss after audio clip break. Now supporting wav files with 24 bits per sample. Feedback Tracker
– LHand and RHand do not support Add Key, however, the interface has not been fool-proofed.
– Application will sometimes crash when subdividing non-quad faces.
– Nvidia driver’s transparency anti-aliasing super sampling conflicts with Order-indepent Transparency.
– iClone crashes when enabling subdivision on objects without UV maps. Feedback Tracker
– The eye elements (tearline and occlusion mesh) fail to hide with the rest of the CC3+ character when Modify > – Attribute > Display > Invisible is set.
– Objects without smoothing groups fail to load into iClone and 3DXchange.
– Inaccurate progress bar when rendering image sequences.

Operating System:
– Win 7 SP1 / Win 8 / Win 10
– Support for 64-bit operating system only

Recommended System Requirements:
– Intel i5 dual core CPU or higher
– 8GB RAM or higher recommended
– 10GB free hard disk space or higher recommended
– Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080 or higher
– Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce GTX 700 Series/ AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series or higher
– Video Memory: 2GB RAM minimum 4GB or higher recommended
– Video card compatible with Pixel Shader 3.0 recommended for optimized visual performance

Additional Requirements:
– Sound card / keyboard / Speaker
– 3-button mouse
– DirectX 11
– Internet connection required for online activation
– Stereo devices and player are required for viewing contents with stereo vision





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