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Dec 04

Ram Structural System Connect Edition v15 Update 6 (x64)

Ram Structural System Connect Edition v15 Update 6 (x64)


Ram Structural System Connect Edition v15 Update 6 (x64) | 371 MB

Bentley Systems Inc., the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, has released an updated to RAM Structural System CONNECT Edition V15. This software can be used to design nearly every structural component of a building structure, from the foundations to the gravity beams and columns to the lateral framing system.

Release Date: October 25, 2017

New Features and Enhancements:
– ACI 318-11 and ACI 318-14 in RAM Foundation
The requirements of ACI 318-11 and ACI 318-14 have now been implemented in RAM Foundation.
– Concrete T-Beam Graphics
Concrete T-beams are now drawn with the actual dimensions in the 3D viewer. Previously they were displayed with a generic T-beam shape. In the Modeler the section table in the Concrete Beam Section Properties command now lists the three component values (left overhang, web thickness, and right overhang) specified by the user to define the flange thickness, e.g., "24+12+24".
– Wind Loads on Semi-rigid Diaphragms
For semi-rigid diaphragms, when the ASCE 7-10 wind loads are controlled by the minimum 16 psf requirement of Section 27.1.5 Minimum Design Wind Loads, the program now splits that pressure between the windward face and leeward face, based on the relative windward and leeward Cp factors. Previously when the minimum 16psf controlled, it was all applied to the windward face.
– Instability Warnings
It was somewhat common to get Instability warnings when analyzing models with noncomposite roofs analyzed as semi-rigid diaphragms. These were caused by some numerical problems dealing with small stiffness values rather than from actual structural instability. Some modifications were made to how those deck stiffnesses are handled, which should significantly reduce the occurrence of this warning.
– Section Cut Geometry Errors
In RAM Concrete Shearwall, error messages are given when there are Geometry Errors in the Section cuts. Those messages now include the Section Cut label so that the location can be more easily identified.
Technology Preview
This version contains two powerful features that have been designated Technology Preview features. They are features that are in a state that would previously been referred to as a Beta version. These two features are Analytical Insights and SQLite database of result. It is likely that these features will continue to undergo revisions based on feedback from users. Care should be taken if these are used for actual design, because they are still in the process of being revised; they have not gone through the rigorous testing process. They are being made available so that you can use them with real models in real design situations, and provide us with feedback and suggestions for making these features more useable and productive.
– Analytical Insights – Technology Preview
The Analytical Insights feature analyzes your model and compares them with a set of Structural Performance Indicators (SPI). These SPI’s can be configured to conform to your office standards and practices, and prioritized according to their importance. Your model is then scored based on these SPI’s helping you identify possible changes to the model to make it more economical or constructable. See Appendix A at the end of this document for more information.
– SQLite Database of Analysis and Design Results – Technology Preview
In order to more easily access the geometry and analysis data, this data is now written out to files from which the data can be accessed. A report generator is provided that can be used to create a .xlsx file that can then be used in spreadsheets in Excel. The file can be customized to contain the information that you want made available. See Appendix B at the end of this document for more information.

Note: For details on these new features and enhancements, refer to the manual .pdf files available from the Help menu in each module or from the Manuals folder on your hard drive.

Product: RAM Structural System
Version: CONNECT Edition Update 6 (version
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer.








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