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Nov 23

Horse Animset Pro Riding System v3.1.7a x64

Horse Animset Pro Riding System v3.1.7a x64

Horse Animset Pro Riding System v3.1.7a x64 | 267 MB

Horse AnimSet Pro (HAP) is an animation environment and Riding System controller based on root motion for any humanoid character. This Asset began as a simple horse model and animation package, but it developed into a strong and flexible riding controller. Includes a basic character controller from standard assets, but is intended for use with a more advanced character controller you have created, or it can be used with any of the amazing character controller from a store (TCP or FPC).


– 80 animated clips
– 4 horse styles (3 realistic, poly art,)
– Multiple textures for each horse.
– LODs
– Armor, Rhine and Saddle
– Modeling Unity clothing for rips and mana
– Sounds
– Basic pitch system (tracks and tracks)
– Animal Controller to control all the creators of the Malbers animation
– Abilities: swim, fall, jump, attack, kill, walk, trot, canyon, gallop, sprint
– Directional damage system
– Camera input
– Landscape alignment
– Support for NavMesh agents. Primary AI

– 132 Animation Clips (for use with Humanoid Rigs for better compatibility)
– Cowboy model with 1 texture set
– System Rider (TCP & FPC)
– Rider’s combat system: bow, pistol, melee (soon: spear, shooting, magic staff, throws)
– A very original inventory system to demonstrate the compatibility of the Rider-Combat system with external stocks.

– Variable material
– Mix the shapes
– Network Changer
– Behavior messages animator
– Sound animator behavior
– Head Track
– Weapons (models, textures and scripts)
– Animal Basic AI
– Basic camera system with camera status.
– Compatible with animals of all animals
– Compatible Invector TCP, Opsive TCP, Ootii MC, even more integration! about future updates
– Mobile software

Version: 3.1.7a
Developer: MalberS Animations
Developer website: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/animals/horse-animset-pro-riding-system-79902
Digit capacity: 64bit
Interface Language: English
Tabletka: not required
System requirements: Unity 5.6.1 or higher.

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