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Apr 01

Franzis LUT #2 professional v2.25.03871 (x64) (Portable)

Franzis LUT #2 professional v2.25.03871 (x64) (Portable)


Franzis LUT #2 professional v2.25.03871 (x64) (Portable) | 94 MB | Language: English

LUT # 2 professional creates a “look-up table” quickly and easily from every picture, with which you can apply your favorite style to another photo with just a few clicks! Some time ago, did you develop a picture whose look you really like? Now you want to transfer this photo style to other pictures as well, but you no longer know how you created this look. Or would you like to create your own library with your best filters and photo styles that you can also use in other image editing programs? If all of this sounds familiar to you, then LUT # 1 professional is exactly the right tool for you!

Perfectly transfer image styles to other photos
LUT # 1 professional creates a “look-up table” quickly and easily from every picture, with which you can apply your favorite style to another photo with just a few clicks!
The manual adaptation of a photo style is often very time-consuming, which is why so-called “LUTs” are often used. A LUT (or “look-up table”) is a table that contains certain image parameters such as hue, saturation, contrast, etc. For example, with the “Color” parameter, each color of the original photo is assigned a new color with the help of a reference image. With LUT # 1 professional, you can transfer a desired photo style to another image with just a few clicks – there is no need for time-consuming image editing with layers and masks. It’s easy to assemble your own professional photo style collection!
The LUT # 2 features at a glance
– PRO: Adobe® Photoshop / Lightroom plugins
– PRO: batch processing
– PRO: Additional modules balance / area protection
– PRO: Accuracy of LUT generation adjustable
– Create LUT photo style from any picture
– User database of LUT photo styles
– 25 image templates (presets)
– LUT color mode: full color or exclusive
– Processing of RAW image files
– Image cropping possible
– Selective drawing possible (effects, filters, composing)
– Correction of sensor errors
– Print the picture
– Comparison view with magnifying glass tool
Only in the professional version: all features, all possibilities
PRO feature: additional modules
LUT # 2 professional also offers some additional modules. With the balance and area protection, certain elements in the selected photos can be protected or balanced from the LUT application. This pro feature can effectively prevent the inadvertent coloring of skin tones or the blue tones of the sky.
PRO feature: set LUT accuracy
In addition, users of LUT # 2 professional have the option of setting the accuracy of the LUTs. Thus, when creating the look-up table, there are various options with which the LUT to be generated can be adapted to your own requirements.
PRO feature: batch processing
Do you want to apply a specific photo style to several pictures? This is not a problem with LUT # 1 professional, because the Pro version has a batch processing function with which you can transfer selected looks directly onto a large number of images.
PRO feature: Adobe plugins
LUT # 2 also includes professional plugins or extensions for the Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic programs. So you can use the versatile functions of LUT # 2 professional in your usual favorite programs.
LUT # 2 professional
The professional version is the right one for you if you also want to work with Photoshop and want to adjust many images in one “go”. Fine adjustments are also possible with it.
– Plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop from CS6, Elements from 11
– Plug-ins for Adobe® Lightroom Classic (from version 4)
– RAW development module
– Load RAW images
– Additional modules balance / area protection
– LUT generation accuracy adjustable
– LUT create photo style from image
– LUT photo style user database
– Batch processing
– Number of templates (presets): 25
– Sensor error correction
– LUT color mode: full color / exclusive
– LUT level accounting methods
– Image cropping
– Selective drawing (effects, color filters, composing)
– Sensor error correction
– Print function
– Comparison view with magnifying glass
Recommended System Requirements:
– Operating system: Windows 8/10/11 (64 bit)
– Hardware: 8 GB RAM, Intel i7 (or comparable AMD processor), DirectX compatible graphics card, screen resolution 1920×1080 (or greater)

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