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Mar 11

EON Reality EON Studio v9.17.43 (x64)


EON Reality EON Studio v9.17.43 (x64) | 569 Mb


EON Studio is our flagship 3D authoring software for developing interactive 3D applications. With EON Studio, users of all experience levels can build complex, high-quality interactive 3D content with little to no programming experience.Whether you create 3D applications for architecture, marketing or training, EON Studio provides a unique range of benefits and functions making it a developer’s preferred choice.

Key Features
– 18 import formats are supported, including 3ds, DWF 3D, DWG, DXF, IGES, Solidworks, STL, obj and VRML2.0. All textures are converted to suitable formats when importing.
– Over 100 nodes with functions such as motion models, sensors, operations, optimization, collision, as well as 100’s of prototypes with encapsulated functionality.
– Real Time Rendering features include proprietary algorithms for anti-aliasing, transparency, environment mapping, shading, etc.
– Integration with standard software such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MS PowerPoint and Visual Basic.
– Training features include nodes for assembly/dis-assembly, instructions in text or audio, evaluation of performance, and more.
– The MouseControl node allows you to control the movement and simulate click events of the mouse device within the simulation.

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