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Nov 20

Coreform Cubit 2022.4 (x64)

Coreform Cubit 2022.4 (x64)


Coreform Cubit 2022.4 (x64) | 867 MB | Language: English

Advanced hex meshing for challenging simulations Maximize your investment in simulation technology. Beat competitors to market with higher quality, longer-lasting products. Reduce the costs of physical prototyping and testing.

Coreform Cubit’s pre-processing capabilities and Flex IGA modeling with advanced hex meshing and hex dominant meshing minimize the time spent on model preparation for FEA and CFD while maximizing control over mesh quality to get the right mesh for quality solutions allowing you to maximize your investment in simulation technoloogy. Coreform Cubit helps you maximize the benefit of your investment in simulation technology
Key Features & Capabilities
Comprehensive toolset
Everything you need for CAD Import, preprocessing, hex meshing, hex dominant meshing, and export.
Semi-automated hex meshing
Rich set of hex meshing and hex dominant meshing tools for streamlining the creation of analysis-ready models for challenging simulations.
Expert-level mesh control
Industry-leading mesh analysis and improvement tools for complete control from Jacobians to vertices.
Scripting & automation
Python integration and scripting tools support automation to increase model generation throughput.
Comprehensive toolset for streamlining CAD prep for hex mesh generation
Coreform Cubit includes everything needed for streamlined progress from CAD to analysis, with full-featured capabilities for geometry preparation and mesh generation, analysis, and fine-tuning.
Break the geometry bottleneck to reduce modeling time
Preparing CAD geometry for meshing consumes more time and resources than any other stage of the CAE process. Coreform Cubit provides powerful, user-guided automated tools to make geometry cleanup and simplification fast and satisfying.
Create / modify geometry
Solid geometry creation, CAD import, and modification tools, including Boolean operations.
Auto-heal dirty CAD
Geometry analysis and repair tools to fix geometric and topological errors from imported CAD by trimming, stitching, and rebuilding.
Imprint & merge
Unique interactive tools to enable efficient and robust conformal meshing of multi-volume assemblies.
Smart defeaturing
User-guided, automated routines for detecting and removing sliver curves and surfaces.
Mesh any CAD geometry with robust hex meshing, hex dominant meshing, and tet meshing algorithms
Coreform Cubit supplies a comprehensive meshing feature-set for surface and solid meshing with a wide variety of element types and methods for automating and streamlining mesh creation.
Battle-tested algorithms
Deep stock of hex mesh and hex dominant mesh generation algorithms including paving, mapping, sub-mapping, sweeping and multi-sweeping.
Smart controls
User-guided adaptive or fully automatic interval sizing and scheme selection.
Unrivaled hex meshing
State-of-the-art structured and unstructured quad meshing, hex meshing, and hex dominant meshing with powerful, smart automation options.
Multi-scheme tet meshing
Multi-scheme automatic tri/tet meshing schemes leveraging industry standard Distene MeshGems, Delaunay, and advancing front algorithms.
System Requirements:
-OS:windows 7-11
-4GB RAM (8GB or more recommended)
-1GB disk space
-Graphics card and driver capable of supporting OpenGL 3.2 (A software-based implementation of OpenGL 3.2 is provided as an alternative, but may slow the process.)
-1280 x 1024 screen resolution

Homepage: https://coreform.com






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