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Jan 07

Cimatron E16 SP1 with Catalog WiN (x64)

Cimatron E16 SP1 with Catalog WiN (x64)


Cimatron E16 SP1 with Catalog WiN (x64) | 2.0 GB | Language: English

Cimatron, the leading CAD/CAM software supplier for the mold & die industry, have announced the release of their Mold & Die focused product Cimatron 16 SP1P1. This update includes fixes to various user-reported issues from the previous release, providing an overall more stable experience.

Cimatronsoftware by 3D Systems is a dedicated solution for tooling and addresses the entire tool-making process-from quoting, to design, to applying engineering changes, to NC programming. The access to CAD and CAM capabilities with the latest simulation tools in one software platform allows mold makers to reduce design and delivery time and become more productive. Cimatron provides a full range of NC technologies from simple 2.5 axis milling and drilling to complex five-axis machining and micro milling.

Cimatron is designed to address the entire tool making process-from quoting to design, applying engineering changes and NC programming. This enables tool and mold makers to deliver higher quality tools at lower cost with shorter cycle times.

Also Cimatron delivers expert toolsets for conformal cooling designs plus interactive simulations to determine areas of the design where conformal cooling can assist, the company says. These tools validate the design for cooling efficiency, injection-molded part quality, and overall injection cycle time reduction. Cimatron by 3D Systems provides mold makers with the automation, and dedicated tools for their respective needs.

Version 16is a substantial release introducing many new features in all areas of the product including a clean new UI and increased automation for faster mold design, electrode creation, and NC programming. In addition, the continued emphasis on solutions for toolmakers includes powerful functionality for die addendum surfaces, mesh manipulation, and drafting detailing.

Cimatron 16 What’s New

Cimatronis an Israeli software company that produces CAD/CAM software for manufacturing, toolmaking and CNC programming applications. The company was listed on the Nasdaq exchange under the symbol CIMT, until its 2014 acquisition by 3D Systems. Prior to this, the company’s major shareholder was DBSI, whose co-managing partner, Yossi Ben-Shalom, chaired the Cimatron board. Its main software products, CimatronE and GibbsCAM, continue to be used in over 40,000 installations worldwide. Its clients are largely from the automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, toys, medical, optics and telecom industries.


Product:Cimatron 16
Version:SP1P1 (16_0101_1855_722) with Catalog *
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :www.cimatron.com
Languages Supported:english
System Requirements:Windows **
Software Prerequisites:pre-installed Cimatron E16 SP1 (link bellow)
Size:2.0 Gb

Homepage: https://www.cimatron.com






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