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Sep 13

Altair Embed 2022.1.0 Standard Edition (x64)

Altair Embed 2022.1.0 Standard Edition (x64)


Altair Embed 2022.1.0 Standard Edition (x64) | 1.71 GB | Language: English

The software developer Altair is pleased to announce the availability of Embed 2022.1 is a visual environment for Model-Based Firmware Development of embedded control systems.

Release Notes Altair Embed 2022.1
These Release Notes cover four products: Altair Embed, Altair Embed Basic, Altair Embed SE, and Altair Embed Viewer. They include new features and enhancements, known issues, and resolved simulation and code generation issues.
The most significant addition to the 2022.1 release is the availability of Embed, Embed SE, and Embed Basic as 64-bit applications. The advantages are twofold: Embed can exchange data with other 64-bit applications, and Embed can more precisely simulate diagrams that retain large amounts of data and run with small time steps.
Additionally, the new eDrives add-on module, available as a separate purchase and install, provides a highly efficient environment covering all phases of developing control systems for a wide range of electric drives covering most electrical machines used in industry. By using the eDrives blocks and ready-to-use examples, you can shorten the development time to implement embedded electrical control systems.
General Enhancements
64-bit software
Embed, Embed SE, and Embed Basic supports 64-bit configuration
DLL Wizard
Supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2022
File > Save
Saves diagrams as VSMX files and uses ZIP compression to save the associated files with the diagrams
File > Send
Sends VSMX diagrams with their associated files
Local Help installation instructions
Improved directions for installing local help 2022.1
Optimization method
Expands methods to include Generalized Reduced Gradien
eDrives blocks
Provides a highly efficient environment covering all phases of developing control systems for electric drives; license available separately
Flip block
Reverses the elements in a matrix or vector either horizontally or vertically.
Import block
Recognizes the semi-colon character as a delimiter in imported data files
OpenVision: Draw Lines, Draw Rectangles, Draw Circles blocks
Includes line type specification
PSIMCoupler block
Links an Altair PSIM schematic to an Embed diagram
State Chart block
Synchronizes default state chart execution with time steps in the Embed diagram
Code Generation Enhancements
These features and enhancements apply only to Altair Embed and Altair Embed Basic; they do not apply to Altair Embed SE.
Arduino target support
Expands target support to include Nano boards Raspberry Pi OS support Expands OS support to include Bullseye OS 2022.1
STMicroelectronics target support
Expands target support to include STM32 F103x, H7x, and WBx boards
STMicroelectronics peripheral support
Expands peripheral support to include Hall Sensor and Set PWM Mode blocks
Texas Instruments target support
– Expands target support to include F280025 and F2838x microcontrollers
– C2407 target support has been retired
Texas Instruments peripheral support
– Provides internal and external voltage reference
– F2838x supports XBAR, CMPC, and CMPD
Resolved GUI Issues
– Browse button on dialog boxes not consistently working
– Compound blocks: Incorrect compound block colors when Local Time Step or Execute on Interrupt is selected
– Default install directory is not path relative if environmental variable is not found
– Diagrams with OLEobject blocks are not saved
– Embed, Embed SE, and Embed Basic: Local Help is a separate install
– File > Save As Metafile not working
– Online Help is not the default when Embed starts up
– Missing menus when last diagram is closed is not documented
– MQTT block: Hide password
– Description, StripChart, and PolarDescription blocks: Inconsistent terminology for Axis tab
Resolved Simulation Issues
– Bezel block: Cannot load PNG file
– Compound blocks: Local bound not working
– Convert block: Error when converting 32-bit numbers to unsigned long
– Definition scope variable block: Incorrect operation
– DialogTable block not working
– Discrete 7th order transfer function: Incorrect results
– Expression block: Bitwise XOR operator not documented
– Import block: Time skew
– MQTT blocks: Keep Alive parameter default setting not 60 sec
– Optimization dialog box: Max Iterations parameter should be Max
– Optimization Steps and User Optimization needs to be added
– Optimization fails to obey upper and lower bounds
– Description block: Bogus bounds on small Description windows
– Description block: copy/paste into Word not working
– Description block: incorrect description of Fixed Bounds
– Description block: Max bounds defaults to 4096 rather than 0
– Description block: time scaling does not work
– Serial block: missing received data
Resolved Code Generation Issues
These issues apply to Altair Embed and Altair Embed Basic; they do not apply to Altair Embed SE.
– AMD 64: Green bar in Download screen not working correctly
– Arduino: SerialUno example outputs incorrect data
– Arduino: Target Interface block: Sample rate does not work
– Arduino: UDP blocks: Help button not working
– Built-in C interpret chokes on legal code
– ePWM blocks: Help does not describe input pins
– HOST: Autocodegen fails
– Raspberry Pi: PWM for sim: Change Period Dynamically parameter not working
– State Chart compiler does not support double-slash comments
– Target Interface block: Path aliases on example diagrams not working
– Target Interface block: Show CPU Utilization parameter not working for all integration methods except Euler
– Texas Instruments: ADC Analog Input sim block: Add Unit dropdown to dialog box
– Texas Instruments: ADC Config incorrectly handles dual sampling
– Texas Instruments: ePWM block: Incorrect labels on output pins
– Texas Instruments: ePWM sim block: Add output enable pin
– Texas Instruments: Flash F280049c closes JTAG connection
– Texas Instruments: GPIO Config sets up GPIO input qualification
– STM32: Restart on Reset with ELF doesn’t work

Altair Embedis a proven tool for developing embedded systems and validating designs via simulation or Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL). With Altair Embed, you can build the most complex logic quickly, deploy it easily, and be confident it is production ready. Its model-based paradigm ensures easy validation of complex embedded logic, as well as providing deep support for thousands of popular microprocessors (MCUs) from Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi. The generated code is highly-optimized and compact, which is essential for low-cost MCUs and high-speed sampling rates.
You can extend Altair Embed to develop embedded systems on hardware not yet supported by Altair Embed using the Core Source Code Library (available separately). The generated fixed-point and floating-point code can be compiled on any platform with an ANSI C compiler.
Introduction to Altair Embed
A brief and basic introduction to the Altair Embed application, formerly named VisSim.
Altairis a global technology company that provides software and cloud solutions in the areas of product development, high performance computing (HPC) and data analytics. Altair enables organizations across broad industry segments to compete more effectively in a connected world while creating a more sustainable future.

Product:Altair Embed
Version:2022.1.0 Build 132 Standard Edition
Supported Architectures:x86 or x64
Website Home Page :www.altair.com
Languages Supported:english
System Requirements:Windows *
Size:1.71 Gb


Homepage: https://www.altair.com






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