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Dec 15

Vero Edgecam 2019 R1 Su1

Vero Edgecam 2019 R1 Su1

Vero Edgecam 2019 R1 Su1 | 3.44 GB

Vero Software is pleased to announce the availability of Edgecam 2018 R1 SU1. The 2019 R1 Release includes around 30 individual enhancements which improve productivity for manufacturers using a range of cutting technologies and machining strategies..

Edgecam 2019 R1 SU1 (Build 24110)
ECAM-47582 Support Solidworks 2019 files
ECAM-41397 CADLinks-support for Creo 5.0
ECAM-41607 Support NX 12 files
ECAM-46932 MCGetSequenceInfo returns bad data
ECAM-47736 Themes-Custom Theme causes crash after closing Edgecam
ECAM-47188 Editor-licensing information is missing
ECAM-47424 Create Turn Sequence-Sub Spindle-Workplane is deleted on new Sequence
ECAM-46900 PCI-Recording the creation of a sequence in Polish generates an incomplete macro
ECAM-47470 Fixture Database-Don’t disable button after changing fixture
ECAM-47640 Simulator-Incorrect tool rendering
ECAM-33515 Simulator-Fatal Error crash due stock model
ECAM-45351 Language-Formatting of text on some Edgecam dialogs is poor
ECAM-47896 PCI Template-Parameters Different when Running
ECAM-7066 Rough Waveform Turn-Completely gouges model if using Current Stock
ECAM-47623 Live Job Reports-Upgraded database from TSAdmin fails with Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types
ECAM-14248 Index-BA head head machine reports a false "limit has been exceeded"
ECAM-47825 Launcher-Crashing after being left open
ECAM-47939 Instruction Sequence-Cycles cannot be edited or deleted and randomly move causing error on file save
ECAM-6502 Finish Groove-Unwanted extension applied when using Break Radius corner type

About Vero EdgeCAM 2019 R1. In total, Edgecam 2019 R1 includes around 30 individual enhancements.
– Performance Improvements
Mindful of the need to generate quick toolpaths to reduce production costs, Edgecam 2019 R1 introduced three performance boosting enhancements to its machining engine, benefiting both turning and milling operations.
Regeneration time has been reduced by around 20 per cent when editing the Move Angular/Index commands.
Responding to customer feedback, the Waveform machining algorithm has been enhanced to reduce processing time. Previously, performance bottlenecks were detected when small stepovers were used, or on components with narrow channels and heavily curved regions. Manufacturers will now notice average time savings ranging between 15 and 60 per cent, depending on the complexity of the component and its cycle parameters.
– New Parting Off Cycle
A new Parting Off cycle is available for turning customers, satisfying a high demand for a single cycle to not only perform the parting off toolpath, but also to deburr the back edge during the operation. Like all other turning cycles, Parting Off offers extended help through dialog pictures, and is sensitive to the current stock position.
– Finish Turning Cycle Support For CoroTurn Prime Inserts
For turning customers, a new Up-Cutting function has been added to the Finish turning cycle. This enables high productivity finishing to be achieved in conjunction with Sandvik Coromant’s CoroTurn® Prime tools and inserts.
Located alongside the Down-Cut modifier, Up-Cutting reverses the direction of the toolpath, to utilize the Prime insert geometry. Also, the cycle feedrate can be expressed using the ‘Chip Thickness’ modifier, as well as in the traditional format of feed per revolution.
– Multiple User Experience Turning Enhancements
Found in the Rough Turn cycle, the Stock Runout function has been enhanced to give greater toolpath control when exiting the cut. The inclusion of Runout Angle and Runout Length means toolpaths can be trimmed to user-specific demands.
The Thread Turning and Finish Groove cycles now benefit from functionality found in other turning commands.
Safe Distance modifier has been added to the Thread Turning cycles, giving more accurate control at the start position of a threading toolpath.
Finish Groove toolpaths can be more tightly controlled with new Start and End Extension modifiers.
The Spindle Set-up function for multi-spindle lathes now includes Main and Sub spindle C Angle positions, further guaranteeing no collisions during the parts transfer command.
– Numerous Edgecam Inspect Enhancements
Edgecam 2019 R1 introduces 13 new enhancements to Edgecam Inspect.
The mathematical brain behind the product is being switched to use the PCDMIS fit libraries supplied by Hexagon. All Geometry Fit calculations, such as measurement deviations and GD&T values, now use a higher level of certified and approved algorithms.
More customization has been introduced. In the past, users had to accept the standard Measurement Report, but now they can develop their own software plugins to personalize it.along with developing their own probing Canned Cycles, usually in Renishaw or M&H format.
Probing features can be managed more easily, as all commands are automatically created on separate layers. Also, where either the solid model geometry is incorrect, or the model isn’t available, the new manual feature means it’s still possible to inspect a region.
Through user feedback, specific Probing features now work with rotary solid faces, and the feedback can also include evaluation of Axis Deflection.
The final enhancement to this area provides two new output variations in the Work Offset function: Type, and Axes. These give greater control and a more detailed inspection routine, while communicating to the machine tool via the NC Gateway.
– Hole Cycle Extra Collision Detection
The Hole Cycle now has additional collision checking. While stringent detection has been in place for a number of releases – such as a toolpath being re-directed to avoid a clamp – Edgecam 2019 R1 now checks if a hole is obstructed by any part of a fixture. Where such a collision exists, the system removes the drill position and alerts the user.
– Chamfering Cycle Gouge Checking
Gouge Check Gap has been added to the Chamfering Cycle to give even stricter control over the toolpath. Specifically, neighbouring features which could potentially come into contact with the flute of the taper tool, can now be excluded.
– Extended CAD Format
Edgecam 2019 R1 supports the latest version of all CAD files. Focusing on a few formats, users will notice, for instance, support for SpaceClaim 19 (ACIS V28), Parasolid version 30.1.247, Inventor 2019, and Creo 5.0. All other CAD formats will be catered for when a newer version becomes available.
Regardless of which license a user has, they’ll be able to load all Designer files – *.v_t and *.vdf extensions. Designer is Vero Software’s latest CAD package, featuring direct modelling technology.

Product: Vero EdgeCAM
Version: 2019 R1 SU1 (Build 24110)
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even (SP1 required) or newer.





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