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May 26

Unity Asset CTS 2019 Complete Terrain Shader 2019.1.3 x64


Unity Asset CTS 2019 Complete Terrain Shader 2019.1.3 x64 | 2.39 GB


Collaboration between NatureManufacture and Procedural Worlds, CTS brings together our common experience to create a powerful and easy-to-use pbr-based relief shading system!
You can use your own or our textures, and CTS comes with a professional texture library that can be applied with one click of the mouse.

CTS is based on a profile, and it allows you to change the appearance of your scenes in real time so that your environment looks correct.
CTS 2019 adds support for the Unity 2019 release cycle from Unity 2018.3+, substance support, three new sets of instanced shaders, and support for embedded, lw and hd. If you want to use Unity 5.6 – 2018.3 without instancing, lw or hd, please buy CTS.

Key feature:
– support for Unity 2018.3 and 2019.x;
– built-in built-in support;
– Instanced LW SRP 4.2 – support 5.7;
– Support HD SRP 4.2 – 5.7;
– Up to 16 sets of PBR textures in 1 pass – quickly;
– Standard workflow – compatible and simple;
– UV Mixing – removes the tile;
– geological layering – adds interest;
– Mixing parts – adds interest and reduces the number of sheets;
– Dynamic Snow Cover – with a slider;
– Dynamic Snow Glitter – with a slider;
– Dynamic aqueous coating – with a slider;
– Mix height – relative texture of blends;
– Lite, Basic, Advanced and Tessellation;
– Ambient Occlusion – realistic shadows;
– ColorMaps – improved coloring of the area;
– GrassMaps – tint the color map of grass;
– Cutouts – based on height and mask;
– Mesh support – see Note (# 1) below;
– Profile based – similar to Unity Post FX;
– Texture Library – 48 quality sets, 20 assistants;
– Profiles library – corresponding sets of profiles;
– support substances;
– support for textures MegaScans;
– MapMagic and runtime environment;
– Weather – Imitation of dampness and snow;
– Seasons – tint the terrain depending on the season;
– Included examples of scenes (except models);
– VR compatible;
For texture control:
– albedo, normal, smoothness, roughness, height, AO;
– near and far stacking – reduces stacking;
– toning – compliance and seasonal fluctuations;
– Brightness – selection of texture;
– smoothness – reflection and humidity;
– Mix height – relative height of the texture;
– Depth height – the relative depth of the texture;
– Triplanar – no more terrible rocks;
– Strength of parts – use them as needed;
– Geo power – use it as needed;
– amount of snow – control of snow cover;
– snow / water – angle, height, hardness;
– Snow / Water shade – change color depending on use;
– Power ColorMap – near and far;
– ColorMap Masking – controlled cards;
Our customers say:
“Wow … amazing results. My colleagues couldn’t believe that I did it!”
“The best shader terrain, the best support response at 5 o’clock.”
“This is the best solution, and I tried THIS EVERYTHING in the Unity Assets store, and only CTS gave me the results I wanted.”
“Add CTS to your locality, create a profile, add a few additional texture maps (height, characteristics, ao, etc.) and see how your terrain looks.”
“This should be considered part of your default stack when working with the landscape in Unity. With very little effort, you can improve the graphic performance of your landscape tenfold, this is very important. ”
Hardware support:
– model shader 3.5+ (basic + advanced);
– Shader model 4.6+ (tessellation);
– Direct X 11/12;
– View GL ES 3.0;
– WebGL 2.0;
– metal;
Shaders are limited to texture array support and, therefore, do not support DX9, OpenGLES 2.0 or Web GL1.0.
NOTE # 1: Grids are supported, but the workflow for generating and customizing textures and splat arrays used by CTS is still a workflow based on the landscape. However, you can delete a terrain and replace it with a grid as the last step in the process. Please visit our Discord channel if you want more clarification.
NOTE # 2: CTS is fast, but old maps without dynamic branching have problems with this, so please download and run our demonstration before you buy to make sure your system is compatible.






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