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Dec 29

Overgrowth Update v1.1-CODEX


Overgrowth Update v1.1-CODEX | Size: 2.05 GB


Update v1.1:
Therium 2 story
– Now comes with base game, no need to install a mod
– New branching story progress menu (and progress saving!)
– Many graphics updates (improved shadows and lighting, new models, decal and detail work, FOV in dialogues, fixed some broken assets, a couple new shader effects)
– Prompts for reading lore notes, and added a few more lore tidbits
– Improved level load times from mod version
– New levels at beginning to give a little more back story
– Add boundaries around levels to keep player from getting too lost
– Updates to dialogues
– Many smaller gameplay improvements
Overgrowth story
– Improvements to wall-run, platforming, collision issues in several levels
– Added invisible level boundaries to many levels, so player less likely to get lost
– Added more NPC jump nodes in a few levels
– Made it so wolf dies if you kick them off cliff in Ice Cliffs level
– Updated some loading images, now that rendering bug fixes have been made
– Fixed several small asset misplacements (floating things, boarded up some windows, etc)
– Made tables behave better, and weapon easier to grab in final fight
– Added ability to drop weapon by pressing grab and drop (right click + Q by default)
– Made “hardcore” difficulty 100% speed to make it feel less “floaty”/”unresponsive”
– Improved the difficulty selection menu (added “auto ledge grab” and “tutorials” checkboxes, added descriptions of difficulty changes)
– Only automatically roll recover on easy, not hardcore
– Removed the “block cheating progress” feature (for now, at least until we have a better UI for it, and have achievements in place)
– Add support for debug unlocking individual levels in campaigns
– Characters don’t adopt combat pose for three seconds after a dialogue ends; intention is to avoid accidentally making a combat pose every time you end a dialogue with click
– Moved “auto ledge grab” to Settings -> Game menu
– Added “fullscreen borderless” resolution option to top-bar menu
– Added “target monitor” setting
– Improved custom resolution settings UI
– Full screen mode is now “exclusive/true” fullscreen
– Improvements to high DPI (UI scaling) in Windows
– Darken background in mods and play menu, to increase contrast of floating text against light backgrounds
– Fixes to menus while resizing the window
– Reduced visual noise in blue_dusk.tga skybox
– Fixed some glitches in rendering of a few level assets
– Made wood assets a little less shiny
– Added shader preload and caching support, which will reduce in-level hitches, and improve load times for loaded levels (after the first level is loaded)
– Added detail object dropdown to graphics settings (now different detail levels, to help ease performance on medium/low end machines, without sacrificing visual quality nearly as much)
– Added simple fog setting to graphics settings (for better rendering performance)
– Small optimizations to tree rendering, in Overgrowth story especially
– Optimized rendering for some common assets on Mac (especially on Intel macs – “new level” now has much better FPS, for example)
– Engine now pre-loads script functions to give slightly better performance when calling into script engine hook functions
– Added a “generate cache” button to advanced mods menu (if you generate the cache for a mod, load times will be faster)
– Added more items to item preload list, to reduce mid-game asset loads
– Added warning when shader loaded mid-level, so we can catch them and eliminate them (only when not in editor mode, since dynamically loading assets is expected in the editor)
– Reduced some log spam/log duplication
– Added 64 bit windows build, made it default in Steam for 64 bit machines (should significantly reduce long-run out of memory issues)
– Did some work on fixing memory allocation issues
– Added handling of colliding music tracks
– Fixed several small crashes, especially those related to poorly formatted XML assets or missing files
– Worked on making Linux/OSX less case sensitive in asset file path fields (for compatibility with Windows-sourced content)
– Truncate error dialogues on linux (so you don’t get window management problems with too large a window)
– Make OpenGL context creation a little more tolerant/allow newer context than we specified
– Bumped up max log file size to 40MB with 10MB truncation
– Fix problems with crashes when invalid character animation applied, or animation file was invalid in character asset definition
– Made level colormap fall back on DDS file if TGA is missing
– Added some placeholder object (character connector) error logging to dialogue hotspot
– Added some better error handling for file path handling
– Made angelscript and scene graph dump info to files on a crash
– Added more information to “Unsupported version” error message, when a mod’s required version does not match the game version
– Make mods menu “deactivate all mods” button more reliable (actually deactivates all mods even if there’s file collisions), and a little prettier
– Made mod version selection more picky, so script mods for 1.0 require updates to be compatible with 1.1 (which they would anyway, now gives correct “unsupported version” error)
– Improved where write cache files end up for mods, so they can be more easily packaged with a mod to speed up mod level loads
– Added color history to color picker in editor
– New in-game, filterable, dockable log window
– Fixed (and improved) Display Image hotspot
– Fix some problems with dialogue external text file support (might be working well now, but not heavily tested)
– Made dialogue editor camera preview also now correctly apply current Depth Of Field camera setting in editor
– Made unchecking editor’s Top bar -> Edit -> Gameplay Objects option hide navmesh objects in scenegraph
– Fixed crash while manually typing in first characters in Custom Shader level parameters instead of copy/pasting
– Always show bounding boxes in editor for groups/prefabs, so they’re more easily distinguished from other objects, and you’re less likely to accidentally click on a group’s bounding box when you don’t mean to
– Fixed copy/pasting prefabs that have connections
– Now properly removes external connections when saving a prefab
– Fixes for prefabs with characters with externally attached items
– Add more sanity checks (and warning/error logging) for prefabs
– Made conflicting object IDs in level XMLs log more warning data, so you know which items are dupes and can manually correct it (useful for copy/pasting data)
– Added support for multiple campaigns in same mod (by request)
– Fixed an issue with asset hot-reloading for mod assets
– Added additional error text when skeleton is asymmetrical
– Fixed glitches with rotations in object properties in editor
– Added shift-click selection to scenegraph window in editor (to make it easier to select a set of objects in the scenegraph, wherever you are in the level)
– Added “Replace mesh…” to “select” top menu bar, can now replace one object with a different object, and maintain all transform properties (position, rotation, scale)
– Made it possible to search and display children in scenegraph window in editor (now searches inside groups/prefabs)
– Added custom level shader #SHADOW_POINT_LIGHTS option, to make environment shadow decals affect lights made by dynamic point lights
– Add UI for mod and level “parameters” to advanced mods menu (top bar -> Windows -> Mods -> Advanced -> select a mod)
– Added spawner thumbnail for interactive spike object, and removed poorly-working spike tower spawn menu entry
– Added support for target branch parameter in the levelwin hotspot (for branching campaign support)
– Added more details to error message when failing to parse mod.xml file
– Added ability to specify empty path for items/campaign/levels in mod.xml (implying a fallback image should be displayed by the menu script)
– Added “debug” info for selected objects in editor (has parent id, if it is marked as “selectable”)
– Fix incorrect syntax for xml declaration in Overgrowth’s built in mod.xml files, and example mod.xml files
– Added Top Bar -> Debug -> Events window to send custom events into scripts (global message, level message, campaign message, scriptable UI callback message)
– Added documentation dump for editor camera script (cam.as) and hotspot, duping to Documents/Wolfire/Overgrowth folder like other script types
– Added documentation dumps for script engine hook function functions (required/optional functions in scripts) to script docs
– Engine now give better error message when scripts are missing required functions
– Level scripts now have more consistent engine hook function signatures, and list of exernally accessible functions, across all 3 types of level script (level.as “global” script, per-level script, per-mod script)
– Add more common external functions to editor camera script (cam.as)
– Exposed more functions for Dear ImGui to angelscript (enabled/disabled, styles, images/image buttons, image loading)
– Add spawner item query functions to angelscript [ModGetSpawnerItems(ModID&), ModGetAllSpawnerItems(bool only_include_active = true)]
– Added several utility scripts (for strings, arrays, sets, etc), in Data/Scripts/utility folder
– Add arbitrary “parameters” support to mod level definitions, so modders can more easily make data-driven menus/non-linear menus (Parameter object, Campaign.GetParameter() and ModLevel.GetParameter() in angelscript)
– Added SavedLevel.GetArray(string& key) function to angelscript
– Added Campaign.GetLevel(string& id) function to angelscript
– Add assignment/copy constructor for ModLevel object in angelscript
– Added Object.SetTranslationRotationFast(const vec3 &in, const quaternion &in) function to angelscript, to speed up moving group/prefab objects
– Add DirectoryExists function to angelscript, and tighten up angelscript FileExists function to exclude directories
– Fix // comments not being able to remove #include directives in angelscript
– Reduce frequency of calls to live update, delay so it doesn’t get run multiple times
– Fixed some UI script hot-reloading problems
– Added F5 key to manually refresh custom campaign UI menus

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Wolfire
Publisher: Wolfire

Release Name: Overgrowth.Update.v1.1-CODEX







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