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Jan 08

Le Sound Custom Bundle (x64) (01.2020)

Le Sound Custom Bundle (x64) (01.2020)

Le Sound Custom Bundle (x64) (01.2020) | 6.26 GB | Language: English

A set of high quality instruments from Le Sound for creating effects:

LeSound AudioElec v1.4.3
LeSound AudioFire v1.5.4
LeSound AudioMotors Pro v3.5.1
LeSound AudioRain Pro v2.4.7
LeSound AudioSpace v1.5.5
LeSound AudioSteps Pro v2.4.2
LeSound AudioTexture v1.3.1
LeSound AudioWind Pro v2.5.2
LeSound Reshape v1.2.4
LeSound ReshapeFX v1.2.4
LeSound SpaceMotors v1.0.4

LeSound AudioElec is a synthesizer of electrified sounds. It emits sounds such as hum, pulse, sparks, and telemetry.
LeSound AudioFire is a synthesizer designed to simulate the sounds of fire and heat. The synthesizer is based on Le Sound dynamic modeling technology and rarely uses sampling (only for very specific modules). This sophisticated synthesis engine dynamically responds to the control signals it receives and provides high-level controls carefully matched to the low-level synthesis model.

LeSound Audio Motors – allows you to fully control the engine, from idle to full throttle, as if you were driving a car. What if Mini Cooper becomes a truck? Now it’s possible! AudioMotors plugin is the perfect tool for creative sound design. From a regular car sound recording, you can create a whole new amazing engine sound.

LeSound AudioRain Pro is the little brother of AudioWind, offering high quality rain sounds. Shape the sound of rain in real time, working from droplet to shower. Do it your way, even with 5.1-channel audio.

LeSound AudioSpace is a synthesizer designed to simulate the sounds of the space atmosphere. The synthesizer is based on AudioGaming’s dynamic modeling technology and does not use sampling. That is, it produces sounds by solving mathematical equations on the fly that simulate various aspects of what might be the rumble produced by various types of large ships.

This sophisticated synthesis engine dynamically responds to the control signals it receives and provides high-level controls carefully matched to the low-level synthesis model.

LeSound AudioSteps Pro – Based on special control and mastery of acoustic audio signatures in real time, we produce realistic footsteps for most post-production needs. Sound engineers gain expert control over the sound and save a significant amount of time. There is no more need to record steps, all combinations are already available in the plugin! Take control of various properties to shape the sounds you want.

LeSound AudioTexture – Use one simple sound and generate layered sounds with multiple instances of AudioTexture, or use multiple audio files with multiple instances of AudioTexture to create a soundstage.

LeSound AudioWind Pro is our revolutionary audio plug-in that helps you create the perfect wind sound in minutes. It only takes a few resources to run flawlessly. Our D.O.S.E. the technology allows you to work in real time with audio up to 5.1 channels. You can change your sound without completely recreating it.

LeSound Reshape is a Touch-to-Play sound design tool that explores the use of gestures to give sound creators new means of expression. Using mouse gestures or a multi-touch interface (Reshape Touch on iOS / Android), sound engineers can create and shape sounds in real time, just like a musician plays an instrument with expressiveness.

LeSound ReshapeFX is a version of the effect for processing the input audio signal in real time. It provides the same multi-effect processing for your sound sources of choice. You can insert it into your DAW’s effects chain to process your virtual instruments, live input, or recorded tracks. This is especially interesting as live DJ effects.

LeSound SpaceMotors – SpaceMotors is a sci-fi synthesizer for craft sounds that allows you to easily create complex dynamic engine sounds like Podracers, Transformers, Tron, Blade Runner.

Year / Date of Issue: 01.2021
Developer: Le Sound
Developer site: lesound
Format: VSTi, VSTi3, AAX
Bit depth: 64bit | R2R
Tabletka: cured
System requirements: Platform: Windows, Format: 64 bit and AAX / VST / VST3 compatible.





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