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Jan 27

Global Mapper v18.0.0 Build 092616 (x86/x64)

Global Mapper v18.0.0 Build 092616 (x86/x64)


Global Mapper v18.0.0 Build 092616 (x86/x64) | 125/139 Mb

Global Mapper is an affordable and easy-to-use GIS application that offers access to an unparalleled variety of spatial datasets and provides just the right level of functionality to satisfy both experienced GIS professionals and beginning users. Equally well suited as a standalone spatial data management tool and as an integral component of an enterprise-wide GIS, Global Mapper is a must-have for anyone who works with maps or spatial data.

Low-cost and easy-to-use GIS solution
Supports over 250 spatial data formats
Optional LiDAR Module for powerful point cloud processing
Advanced projection management using GeoCalc library*
Unmatched and complimentary technical support

Significant New Features in v18.0
– Completely re-designed user interface
– Massively improved 3D viewer, particularly in regards to Lidar and
raster/terrain display
– Significantly sped up the display and export of most raster/terrain
formats, especially with large amounts of data loaded
– Changed Overlay Control Center to a dockable pane that shows by
– Added support for importing and exporting OGC GeoPackage format files
– Added support for importing PDF files as vector layers
– Reorganized the Configuration Dialog

What’s New in Global Mapper v18.0
Significant New Features
· Completely re-designed user interface
o Toolbars re-designed with new buttons
o A new analysis Toolbar
o Toolbars can be customized, including dragging buttons (while holding the ALT key) to different toolbars and turning toolbars on and off
o Toolbars can now be docked on the side or bottom of the main map window
o Menus show icons for commands that also have toolbar buttons
o New logo images throughout the software, including the main page ‘quick start’ buttons
o Ability to customer application look and feel through the View menu
· Massively improved 3D viewer, particularly in regards to Lidar and raster/terrain display
o New high performance, asynchronous, multi-threaded, 3D renderer
o Advanced compression to allow the display of much larger datasets
o Adaptable performance based on the user’s CPU and GPU resources
o Both Lidar and raster/terrain, 3D, data is immediately available for display and will dynamically display more detail as you zoom in on data. Level-of-detail is only restricted by a user’s available machine resources
o "Infinite Terrain": The data displayed is no longer restricted to your current 2D bounds and dynamically updates as you zoom and pan
o New Option to display multiple elevations surfaces in 3D at different heights or depths
o Improved 3D selection tool with more exact selection and better feedback while selecting
o Improved 3D measurement tool with better selection feedback and more accurate measurement
o Added new 3D point styles and improved rendering speed for 3D point styles
o New mole’s-eye view capability in 3D allowing view of data while underneath it
· Significantly sped up the display and export of most raster/terrain formats, especially with large amounts of data loaded [Item #18637]
· Changed Overlay Control Center to a dockable pane that shows by default [Item #18885]
o You can now drag-and-drop layers to re-order them rather than having to use a right-click menu.
o Many layer-specific right-click items have been moved to a new top-level ‘Layers’ menu.
o There is a new top ‘Current Workspace’ item that has non-layer-specific right-click menu items, such as a new option to display the layers in top-down draw order rather than bottom-up.
o The option to assign a file (text, PDF, etc.) to display when loading a layer has been moved to the workspace level.
o Support direct edit of layer group name and description by left-clicking on a selected item on the Control Center.
o Moved dialog for setting up what zoom levels to display a layer at from the right-click menu to a tab of the Options dialog for the layer.
· Added support for importing and exporting OGC GeoPackage format files [Item #13200]
· Added support for importing PDF files as vector layers (lines, points, and areas) rather than a raster image [Item #13290]
· Reorganized the Configuration Dialog [Item #13797]
o Replaced the tabs with a tree view for selecting the configuration topic
o Split several large pages into smaller, more focused pages.
o Added a page for default units and Measure Tool options, replacing the settings that were on the Measure Tool context menu.
Global Mapper Mobile
Global Mapper Mobile is a free iOS application that allows you to take your Global Mapper data into the field. Through the use of Global Mapper Mobile Package format, all of the file formats accessible through Global Mapper can be viewed and edited on the mobile device in the field.
New Supported Formats
· Added support for importing and exporting OGC GeoPackage format files, including both vector data and tile pyramids [Item #13200]
· Added support for S-63 v1.1 files [Item #15562]
Map Layout Editor Changes
· When exporting a map layout to PDF, make sure scale bar gets filled in correctly [Item #18254]
· Generate a unique PDF file name for each page when the user chooses the "Export a Separate PDF File for Each Page" option while exporting to geospatial PDF [Item #18235]
· Draw background color defined in the page definition when exporting the map layout to a PDF file [Item #17838]
LiDAR Changes
· Added option to batch conversion to Lidar formats when applying color from imagery to allow replacing existing Lidar point colors with the imagery colors rather than only adding new colors from imagery [Item #18458]
· Automatically group all areas that form an automatically extracted building roof area with the associated floor and side-wall areas if selected to generate those. Also made generated floor/ground area have the type ‘Building – Floor’ rather than ‘Building – Wall’ [Item #18811]
· Changed default building colors to gray with black roofs
· Fixed problems with withheld and other flags being set for E57 Lidar data [Item #18478]
3D Viewer Changes
· Massively improved 3D viewer, particularly in regards to Lidar and raster/terrain display
o All Lidar data is immediately available for display and will dynamically display more detail as you zoom in on data. Display is much faster in all cases.
o Raster/terrain data is no longer restricted to your current 2D bounds. It now dynamically updates as you zoom and pan around and supports ‘infinite terrain’.
· Added option to save fly-through to MPEG-4 file. [Item #18699]
· Expanded list of codec (compression) options for fly-through AVI files. [Item #16375]
· Fixed issue where camera would not point in correct direction during last segment of fixed point fly-through. [Item #18096]
· Enhanced 3D feature select for digitizer and measure tools. Cursor snaps or changes appearance when near a selectable feature vertex. Will now select at vertex elevation rather than z=0. [Item #18729]
· Fixed errors when trying to load more than about 500 .laz files. [Item #18854]
· Fixed issue where skybox would not show unless set to also display vector or Lidar features. [Item #16926]
· Added option to center 2D View on selected features. [Item #18876]
· Improved 3D point model workflow and behavior. [Item #18763]
o Custom symbol and 3D model management are now in their own subtab of the Point Styles section of the Configuration dialog.
o New model placement options for point layers and individual point features allow you to place a 3D model above, below, or centered on its associated position.
o 3D Point Models now take altitude mode into account.
· Prevent vector features from drawing in the 3D viewer when "Display Lidar Features" is checked in the 3D View Properties, and "Display 3D Vector Features in Space Above/Below Terrain Surface" isn’t checked. [Item #18829].
· Fixed issue where point features that did not use a 3D model were always drawn at absolute elevation in the 3D view. [Item #18831]
· Added toolbar buttons to the 2D viewer to allow the user to enable/disable water level display, and raise it and lower it when enabled. [Item #16262]
Path Profile/Line of Sight Function Changes
· Made Lidar points displayed in path profile save to XYZ file. [Item #18541]
· Fixed issue with profile corridors for multi-point paths not always showing the corridor correctly at internal vertices. [Item #19059]
Analysis Function Changes
· Sped up view shed calculations on most machines. [Item #18858]
· Fixed issue with spurious contours when generating contours from map catalogs or online sources. [Item #18758]
· Fixed issue with calculation of watershed not working over flat areas when a maximum depression fill depth of 0 was provided. [Item #18619]
· Fixed issue where TIN grid of point data set would mark the lower-right sample as no data. [Item #18932]
Digitizer Tool Changes
· After selecting line features outside one or more selected area features, deselect the areas. [Item #18251]
· Fixed combining of 3D area features so that the per-vertex elevations from all combined areas are used to fill in the per-vertex elevations of the new combined area. [Item #18973]
· Fixed the automatic fix of invalid polygons to maintain the per-vertex elevations of the original area features. [Item #18973]
Scripting Changes
· Support including full alpha band values (rather than just 0 or 255) when exporting to RGB PNG files using the EXPORT_RASTER command. The SAVE_FULL_ALPHA parameter allows you to activate this behavior. [Item #18393]
· Support looping over a list of files from an external text file or inline list using the DIR_LOOP_START.DIR_LOOP_END commands. Use the LIST_FILENAME parameter with DIR_LOOP_START to specify either the name of a filename list defined with DEFINE_TEXT_FILE or with the name of an external text file. [Item #18395]
· Support automatically defining a variable with the index of the file being iterated over using DIR_LOOP_START.DIR_LOOP_END. Add an INDEX_VAR parameter to the DIR_LOOP_START command to specify the name of the variable to place the index in. [Item #18395]
· Updated the GCP parameter defining control points for the IMPORT command to support simple mathematical formulas in addition to raw numeric values. [Item #18395]
· Added support for using wildcard characters (* and ?) in the DIRECTORY parameter for the IMPORT_DIR_TREE command to allow loading from multiple folders at once. [Item #18460]
· Allow exporting CSV files with the Y/latitude coordinate before the X/longitude coordinate. Use COORD_ORDER=Y_FIRST in the EXPORT_VECTOR command to do this. [Item #18201]
· Allow tiling raster KML/KMZ exports using the EXPORT_RASTER command with the KML_SUPER_OVERLAY option to multiple KML/KMZ files. [Item #18452]
· Improved assignment of default ELEV_UNITS for EXPORT_ELEVATION command if none is explicitly provided. Now higher resolution units (like CENTIMETERS) will be used automatically if the format supports it. [Item #18802]
· Fixed issue with parameters with an implied YES value at the end of command lines being ignored. [Item #18247]
Online Source Changes
· Added built-in OpenStreetMaps.org sources using Toner, Terrain, and Watercolor rendering styles by maps.stamen.com. [Item #18710]
· Added option when using ‘Delete Cached Files’ on online source dialog to free only the locally cached files for the selected source. [Item #17834]
Projection/Datum Changes
· Added built-in TWD97 (Taiwan Datum 1997) datum and EPSG codes. [Item #18893]
· Added built-in JGD2011 (Japan) datum and EPSG codes. [Item #18992]
· Fixed storage and read of NAD83 HARN/HPGN datum for projections other than State Plane in GeoTIFF and Lidar LAS/LAZ files. [Item #18532]
· Changed SIRGAS 2000 datum shift to be equal to WGS84 rather than having a small sub-meter shift. [Item #18766]
Format Specific Changes
· Added support for importing PDF files as vector layers (lines, points, and areas) rather than a raster image. [Item #13290]
· Add option to use map background color as PDF background color. [Item #18782]
· Hide deselected PDF layers when importing PDF file. [Item #18783]
· Automatically load quiver plots from GRIB2 files with pairs of grids (like U and V vector values for current). When detected, you now get a grid with the magnitude of the value (i.e. total Current Speed) and arrow points (quiver plot) showing the direction. [Item #18780]
· Update the display of map catalog layers so that the description of map tiles is displayed inside the bounding box for the catalog if it fits and the ‘Map Catalog Layer Bounds’ area style hasn’t had label display enabled. [Item #17998]
· Allow exporting CSV files with the Y/latitude coordinate before the X/longitude coordinate when batch converting. [Item #18201]
· Automatically convert ^M, ^J, and ^L escape sequences in DXF MTEXT entities to normal multi-line/tabbed text values. [Item #18461]
· Support negative and more precise elevations from EXIF-tagged images. [Item #18587]
· Added support for SRTM HGT files of non-standard size (as long as they are square). [Item #18634]
· Automatically reverse track log lines with times in the wrong order when exporting to KML/KMZ so that Google Earth can display them. [Item #18640]
· Updated web tiled export format behavior of ‘ADVANCED : Only Export Fully Covered Tiles’ option when no tiles are fully covered at the minimum zoom level. Now when that happens rather than getting an error about no fully covered tiles, the export bounds are set to the bounds of the fully covered tiles at the first zoom level that does have some fully covered tiles. [Item #19026]
· Support Arc ASCII Grid files using comma rather than period for decimal point. Previously anything after the comma was dropped. [Item #19061]
· Updated import of DGN v8 files with 3D lines (i.e. lines with per-vertex elevations) to use an ELEVATION attribute for any lines with per-vertex elevations that all have the same value (like contour lines). [Item #19206]
· Fixed rectification or MrSID and JPEG2000 images when prompted to rectify during load. [Item #18266]
· Fixed issue where template layers without features added would not get exported when export bounds set to "Visible Data". [Item #18221]
· Fixed issue where map would not be properly centered when loading package containing template layers. [Item #18222]
· Fixed handling of Swiss Grid CH1903 projections for MapInfo files. [Item #18387]
· Fixed placement and orientation of GML files using the Hong Kong 1980 grid. [Item #18859]
· Fixed coordinate order read from HTF sounding files. [Item #18937]
· Fixed error loading Shapefile with DBF files over 2GB in size or truncated DBF files. [Item #18972]
GPS Tracking Changes
· Made all 2D map views obey the ‘Keep GPS Vessel Onscreen’ option so you can track a location in multiple views simultaneously. [Item #18824]
· Updated Garmin JNX export to fill the right and bottom JNX tiles all the way to the tile edge rather than cropping at the specified export bounds. [Item #17424]
· Fixed display of range rings around the GPS vessel location in projections other than Geographic. [Item #18824]
Rendering/Style Changes
· Fixed issue with visible seams drawing on the border of terrain data in map catalogs and online sources. [Item #18758]
· Fixed inconsistency in height of fixed height fonts in projections with lots of distortion along the Y axis (i.e. Mercator). [Item #18472]
Misc. Changes
· Added current projection WKT string and EPSG code (if known) to View->Properties dialog output. [Item #19025]
· Fixed display of elevation samples using the Feature Info Tool. They now use the raw value rather than a resampled (i.e. interpolated) value. [Item #19198]
· Fixed issue with borrow of license not working when the system date/time formatting is not English. [Item #18196]
· Fixed paste of features copied from the User Created Features layer when the user selects to add them to the same feature with COPY appended. [Item #18029].








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