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Sep 18

DynaDx DataDemon Professional


DynaDx DataDemon Professional | 89.1 Mb

DataDemon is the ONLY commercial data analysis software with build-in Hilbert-Huang Transform (HHT) Technology licensed from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). DataDemon software is very easy to use. No programming skill is required. User can build the data analysis diagram with several simple mouse clicks and the results are ready for viewing and final reporting. Besides HHT algorithm, DataDemon includes tools for data filtering, math calculation, statistics, matrix operation, data transformation and other popular time-frequency analysis (TFA) methods, such as short-term Fourier transform, (Enhanced) Morlet wavelet, and Hilbert transform etc.Features of DataDemon
Input and output signal/data files in various formats: ASCII, wav, mp3, csv, Excel, Matlab, MIT WFDB, and Seismic Analysis Code ..
Different signal viewers: annotation, box plot, channel, time-frequency (spectra), XY plot, and histogram …
Plot is configurable for final reporting and supports: png, bmp, tif, jpg, and wmf (vector) format
Clipboard supports bitmap and wmf format
Configurable signal generator: Noise (white, pink, brown, blue, violet), Sine, Square, Triangle, Impluse, Jaehne, and Custom wave …
Single channel and multi channel support: channel switch, data selection, dup, fill NULL value, remove channel, replace value, resampling, time shift, data merge, and input switch …
Signal filtering: FIR, median, moving average, iterative Gaussian, trend estimator …
Statistical calculation: basic statistics, covariance matrix, correlation matrix, equiphase statistics, kernel smooth matrix, quartiles and quantiles, rolling statistics, and hypothesis test …
Arithmetic operation on signals: remove DC, mixer, multiplier, math equation, diff, integrate …
Matrix operation: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, inverse, transpose, extract region of interest, extract vector, diagonal vector, and reciprocal matrix condition number …
Various transforms: FFT, inverse FFT, discrete Cosine, inverse Cosine, Haar wavelet, Hilbert, auto correlation, cross correlation, and multiscale entropy (MSE) …
Time-Frequency analysis: short-term Fourier, Morlet wavelet, Enhanced Morlet wavelet, Hilbert spectrum, marginal time and marginal frequency …
Enhanced algorithms: fast short-term Fourier, remove bump, fast trend estimator, fast iterative Gaussian filter, fast MSE, peak detection, ECG RR interval, Teager, rolling MSE, PCA, ICA …
NASA exclusively licensed Hilbert-Huang transform technology
Conversion among different formats: change X axis unit, to audio, to regular, to real, to complex, to multi-channel, split complex, to indexed, to matrix, from matrix, from spectra …
Batch run for processing large amount of data
Support NIDAQ and NIDAQmx compatible device from National Instruments; Display and analyze the signal, and view the results in real time
Support external DLL calls for third party algorithm, interface, and application
Tightly integration with Matlab: call Matlab engine and run Matlab codes
Graphical block diagram environment makes data analysis project fun and easy; no programming skill is required at all
The complex diagram of the analysis project can be saved, shared, reviewed and modified among colleagues


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