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Oct 09

Drawing Female Proportions And Surface Anatomy

Drawing Female Proportions And Surface Anatomy

Drawing Female Proportions And Surface Anatomy | 255 MB

In this tutorial, members will learn proven techniques for drawing female proportions and surface anatomy.

We’ll begin this process by discussing how it’s important to establish how many heads high our female subject will be. Following this we’ll explore how to draw an underlying structure for the torso and learn how to build on this structure to establish the overall form of the torso. In addition, we’ll learn how to draw the shoulders, arms, legs and breasts in a fashion that is accurate and realistic in both size and proportion.

Along the way we’ll touch on some areas of the surface anatomy that might cause us problems and learn how we can avoid some common mistakes. By utilizing the guidelines and methods presented in this course, you’ll be able to successfully draw female proportions and surface anatomy with confidence and accuracy.


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