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Nov 08

DEVONagent Pro 3.9.6 (Mac OSX)


DEVONagent Pro 3.9.6 | MacOSX | 27.9 MB


DEVONagent Pro helps you search more efficiently on the web. It searches multiple sources, frees you from hunting for the really relevant results, and gives you power tools for your research.

– Get the good stuff, skip the junk – DEVONagent Pro is all about filtering what you don’t want and giving you the best tools to find more of what you really want. DEVONagent Pro doesn’t simply trust the search engines. It filters all returned results again, allowing you to use advanced Boolean operators, proximity operators, and wildcards of unlimited complexity, something no single search engine allows you to do. DEVONagent’s “scanners” can even find thumbnail galleries or linked PDF or Office documents for you. When you’ve found what you’re looking but want a little more detail, the unique See Also list contains related pages from elsewhere in the search results, online and even from DEVONthink Pro.
– The information you want, the way you want – Every research tasks is different. DEVONagent Pro supports this with many ways to list, read, even explore your data. View the results as a list or as a smart text summary, and explore them with the topics map. Unread results are marked with a blue dot, just like in Apple Mail, so that you don’t miss the one important piece of information you’re looking for. Finally, for viewing Web pages there’s DEVONagent Pro’s specialized Web browser. Extract images, RSS feeds, links, email addresses, even linked documents with a single click and save them for reference or reuse.
– Save your research and come back later – Research is not only about finding, it’s about collecting data, sharing it, and using it to create something meaningful. DEVONagent Pro exports your filtered and trimmed-to-the-max research results in a variety of formats, from a simple list of bookmarks to comprehensive RTF digests and PDF reports. The built-in, searchable archive keeps them for later reference, or you can send your results to DEVONthink. Finally, you can save your search and continue later on, or even share it with others via email.

How DEVONagent Pro can help your research:
Researchers: Stay up-to-date on your subject with scheduled searches. Search through specialized online databases, scan important Web sites, and get smart summaries. Extract the key facts using DEVONagent Pro’s research-centric Web browser.

Students and educators: Find better course materials faster, with DEVONagent Pro weed out the chaff. Cite references for your papers and extract images and lists of links with a single click. Save interesting results in DEVONagent’s archive or in DEVONthink.

Journalists: Keep an eye on as many other information sources as you like and dig deeper into the subject you are writing about. Use the smart See Also function to learn more about the article you’re reading. Save a search and return to it later if you get interrupted.

Lawyers: Search LexisWeb and FindLaw efficiently with advanced Boolean operations, and use See Also to find related data with a single click. Export comprehensive reports, or save the results for future reference in DEVONagent’s archive or in DEVONthink.

Power users: Use DEVONagent Pro’s specialized and easily automated browser to find and collect information and file it in DEVONthink. The object drawer and extensive AppleScript, JavaScript, and Automator support make it the #1 browser for DEVONthink users and enthusiasts.

Google (PDF) and StartPage plugins added. Tip: Use CoverFlow to scan all found PDF documents easily.
Browsers > DEVONthink databases plugin added; scans all web sites bookmarked in the currently opened DEVONthink databases.
Contextual menu added to tabs.
Option Window > Search Sets > Actions > Destination added for choosing a destination group (requires DEVONthink 2.9.11 or later running concurrently).
Options Formatted Note and Markdown added to Data > Add to DEVONthink and to contextual and action menus of search, browser and archive windows (the Markdown option requires the upcoming DEVONthink 2.9.12).
Plugins updated: DuckDuckGo, Computer Science > ACM Digital Library, Medical > PubMed, References > SEC, Science > IEEE Xplore, Social Networking > Twitter.
Plugin Browsers > DEVONthink Pro Office renamed to DEVONthink server.
Plugins updated (available via Support Assistant): Stack Overflow (Tags), Last.fm Similar Artists Search.
Searching in results and in the archive revised; the All options find any entered word in any part of the metadata. This is closer to matching of web pages while crawling and to the behaviour of Spotlight.
See Also and bookmarks support also DEVONthink Personal.
Revised View toolbar item of Search windows makes it easier to switch views.
Web views support zooming via gestures.
Plugin menus use localized names if available.
Tabs bars use standard icons for Close and Add buttons.
Better naming of groups automatically created after adding browser pages to the archive.
Automatically generated or proposed filenames avoid characters not supported on Windows.
File results to DEVONthink script updated.
AppleScript support.
Plugin API extended with new, optional ‘FileTypes’ key.
Retrieving of dates improved if neither the metadata nor the server returned a date for a result.
Date of search results doesn’t abbreviate the year anymore.
Date parser improved.
Credentials of URLs are no longer displayed or included in exported data anymore; the Sites tab of the Search Sets panel displays the credentials only while editing the URL.
Better PDF support on macOS Sierra.
Better support for Google Chrome bookmarks.
Help > Report Bug provides more information.
Icon and image caching optimized; speeds up, e.g., drawing tabs bars.
Matching of query terms optimized.
German localization updated.
Better check for updates.
Better console logging.
Better overall reliability and performance.
Crash related to the browser address bar when bookmarks of other browsers are used.
Issue where DEVONagent Pro logged some harmless console messages on macOS Sierra.
Issue where plugins outside of Application Support folder but not inside application package couldn’t be edited.
Issue where searches in results or in the archive using proximity operators with wildcards returned inaccurate results.
Issue where the contextual menu of archive windows didn’t include all Add to DEVONthink options.
Issue where the preview popup of inactive tabs containing online PDF documents didn’t work on latest macOS releases.
Issue where the sorting of archive views wasn’t persistent.
Issue where trying to drag tabs could close them or create new ones.
Issues related to moving DEVONagent Pro to the Applications folder, especially on macOS Sierra.
Obsolete plugins: Blekko, Google Scholar (Legal Opinions & Journals).
Obsolete plugins from support assistant: CocoaDev, del.icio.us, Topsy Twitter Link Trackback Search.

Requirements: Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.8.5 or later
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