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Jan 16

CIMCO Software/Edit 8.06.00

CIMCO Software/Edit 8.06.00

CIMCO Software/Edit 8.06.00 | 774 MB

CIMCO A/S is pleased to announce the availability of CIMCO Software / Edit 8.06.00. Version 8 is a major release that delivers powerful new features, faster performance and a streamlined user experience across the entire line of CIMCO Software products.

CIMCO Software 8.06.00 Preview – Released: 02-01-19:

CIMCO Edit 8, CIMCO DNC-Max 8, CIMCO MDC-Max 8, CIMCO NC-Base 8, CIMCO CNC-Calc 8 and Software Manager 8 are all included in this single file download but can be installed separately. Multi-language support. Includes documentation.

Changes in CIMCO Edit 8.06.00
– Collapsed ribbon groups now have appropriate icons.
Changes in CIMCO DNC-Max 8.06.00
– Client: Added an option to customize the default tab showed in the DNC-Max Client on startup.
Changes in CIMCO MDC-Max 8.06.00
– Web Client: Will now use unified client license. MDC Web client licenses will still be used in license keys created using this field.
Changes in CIMCO Software Manager 8.06.00
– The ‘Search’ button is disabled and the corresponding label is being displayed while the AD is being scanned.

CIMCO Edit 8.06.00 Preview – Released: 02-01-19:

CIMCO Edit is the world’s most popular CNC program editor. Comes with multi-language support and includes full documentation. This download also includes the add-ons CIMCO CNC-Calc and CIMCO Mazatrol Viewer which can be enabled.
Changes in CIMCO Edit 8.06.00
– Collapsed ribbon groups now have appropriate icons.

About CIMCO Software. CIMCO provides popular software solutions for computer integrated manufacturing. CIMCO programmes are integral to efficiency on the shop floor, providing not only great tools to get the job done, but also a powerful and integrated platform for editing, designing, visualising, managing and communicating CNC programmes and related content.

CIMCO Product Line

– CIMCO Edit 8
CIMCO Edit is very easy to appreciate by both the novice or seasoned CNC Programmer alike. Version 8 has brought great new interface and features including an ftp client, advanced search functions in the open file dialogue as well as improvements to the backDescriptionter including new filters.
CIMCO DNC Max is a proven communications system capable of handling diverse machine configurations. DNC-Max is easily managed and operated via a Web Browser, Client, Tablet or Smart Phone.
CIMCO MDC-Max brings a real-time machine data collection with instant reports, graphs and live views. Android and Web clients are available to extend capabilities beyond the PC environment.
– NC-Base 8
CIMCO NC-Base provides a flexible and effective CNC program management tool that greatly extends the capabilities of DNC-Max and CIMCO Editor. NC-Base client is accessible as a tab within CIMCO Edit.
– CIMCO CNC-Calc 8
CIMCO CNC-Calc provides you with a simple CAD/CAM inside CIMCO Editor. Allowing complex 2D geometry to be addressed further down the production line. Includes a generic API for development and modify Post Processors.
– CIMCO Software Manager
CIMCO Software Manager will be included in the upcoming CIMCO Version 8 release in early 2016. This IT friendly product will encapsulate the License Server and has planned future features, including centralized update pushing through Microsoft Active Directory

About CIMCO Americas, LLC. Founded in 1991, CIMCO A/S has sold more than 100,000 software licenses through experience and customer service all over the world. Cimco known for their Reliable DNC software, Cimco also has the world’s best G Code editor available on the market. So even if you are happy with your current DNC and CAM solution the Cimco Editor will compliment anyone’s day to day needs.

Product: CIMCO Software / Edit
Version: 8.06.00 Preview
Supported Architectures: x86
Website Home Page : http://www.cimco.com
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista or newer / Server 2008 (R2), 2012 (R2) and 2106 are supported
Size: 774 MB

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