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Dec 19

Cadence OrCAD SPB 17.20.031 Hotfix 64bit


Cadence OrCAD SPB 17.20.031 Hotfix 64bit | Size: 2.5 GB


Language: English

To thrive in a competitive market, you need to have differentiated design to deliver better product quality and bring highly innovative products to market more quickly than competitors. OrCAD® provides you production proven, scalable and robust PCB solution with broad ecosystem support to help you meet your product creation goal.

Complete Design Environment
OrCAD PCB design solutions provide a complete set of tools to help you achieve the results you need. From the initial schematic to the final artwork, the platform delivers a complete, integrated workflow.

Comprehensive Circuit and Signal Analysis
The OrCAD environment offers proven analysis tools for signal integrity, analog and mixed signal, EMI analysis, and much more. All of these tools are seamlessly integrated so there are no translation errors.

Customizable to Meet Your Needs
OrCAD tools have a fully open architecture platform. This means you can add unique functionality that is integrated into the program in the form of apps, or you can also build capability and flows yourself.

Choose the OrCAD Suite that Best Fits Your Needs
We offer mainstream, cost effective and feature-rich PCB design solutions available as standalone products or in comprehensive suites starting with a fully functional free to use version. OrCAD PCB design suites can be expanded and upgraded as PCB challenges and the level of design sophistication grows.

Whats New :
Fixed CCRs: SPB 17.2 HF031

CCRID Product ProductLevel2 Title

1746108 ADW DBADMIN Adding and then saving a custom rule set in rule manager results in corrupt rules.xml
1609983 ADW DBEDITOR dbeditor should automatically change mechanical kit names to uppercase
1807139 ADW DBEDITOR Cannot add new properties, though the new properties were shown in dbeditor
1807410 ADW LIB_FLOW Checked-in parts not available in database
1797408 ADW TDA TDO crashes without displaying exception during check-in
1804500 ALLEGRO_EDITOR 3D_CANVAS Interactive 3D canvas fails to show all placebounds of a .dra
1810758 ALLEGRO_EDITOR 3D_CANVAS 3D Viewer represents symbol incorrectly in hotfix 025 but as expected in hotfix 024
1795567 ALLEGRO_EDITOR EDIT_ETCH Route menu has same hot key for ‘Connect’ and ‘Convert Fanout’
1796525 ALLEGRO_EDITOR EDIT_ETCH AiPT is not pushing dynamic shape to add bumps to resolve dynamic phase DRC
1818170 ALLEGRO_EDITOR EDIT_ETCH Fanout with Outward Via direction is shorting few pins
1712658 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERACTIV Add connect: Pin remains highlighted even after choosing ‘Done’
1727193 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERACTIV Logic – Part List truncates device names to 64 characters though database allows longer names
1775484 ALLEGRO_EDITOR INTERACTIV Choosing Next with persistent snap in Show Measure disables persistent snap
1711860 ALLEGRO_EDITOR MULTI_USER Multi-user lock cannot be cancelled
1812448 ALLEGRO_EDITOR NC Crash when canceling NC Parameters dialog
1792987 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PAD_EDITOR Pad Designer does not recognize flash names longer than 31 characters
1810958 ALLEGRO_EDITOR PAD_EDITOR Padstacks with offset holes
787024 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Improve dynamic shape voiding in regions
793232 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Line to Shape spacing rule outside region affects shape void in region
797245 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Line to Shape Spacing with Region not followed
865822 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE The autovoid functionality should use the true line-to-shape spacing value
912051 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Improve dynamic shape voiding in regions
965714 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Region constraints are not working correctly on dynamic shapes
968342 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Shape Voiding when crossing constraint region is taking conservative value and not the actual spacing value
974734 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Shape Voiding when crossing constraint region takes conservative value and not actual spacing value
1073908 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Allow line to shape spacing in Region
1154787 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Region constraints not applied correctly to dynamic shapes
1171283 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Shape Voiding when crossing constraint region takes conservative value and not actual spacing value
1181767 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Allow override on line to shape spacing in Constraint Region
1183792 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Allow override on line to shape spacing in Constraint Region
1186210 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Line to shape spacing constraint does not follow the Constraint Region value
1192312 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Region constraints are not working correctly.
1387021 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Improve dynamic shape voiding in Regions
1447891 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Resolved constraint and actual air gap differ
1465383 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Line to shape spacing constraint does not follow the Constraint Region
1583144 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Line to shape spacing inside the constraint region does not follow region rules
1591320 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Resolve shape to pin constraint in constraint region
1627305 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Shape Voiding when crossing constraint region takes conservative value and not actual spacing value
1694552 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Constraint region not working correctly
1764474 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Line to Shape Spacing for Region should be used inside region instead of conservative value
1775119 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Shape voiding is not following constraint rules for dynamic shapes in a constraint region
1784916 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Shapes are not voiding to other shapes against DRC settings, creating random DRCs.
1793179 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE ‘Same net shape to hole spacing’ is only detecting the DRC and not voiding the shape
1803365 ALLEGRO_EDITOR SHAPE Region shape to shape constraints take precedence when shapes have multiple constraints
1800530 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_FORMS 3D Anchor menu missing when using new style OrCAD PCB Editor menu
1813604 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_FORMS 3D Anchor View is not available on OrCAD PCB Editor menu.
1784710 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL During Place Replicate and saving file with same name, the warning pop-up window does not show on top
1784728 ALLEGRO_EDITOR UI_GENERAL During Place Replicate and saving file with same name, the warning pop-up window does not show on top
1721853 ASDA CANVAS_EDIT Movement of components results in shorts and inconsistent routing
1802120 ASDA CONTEXT_MENUS Ports are selected though filter is set to Components
1803832 ASDA MISCELLANEOUS Browse and select new libraries without editing cds.lib
1804643 ASDA TABLE Exception when pasting table data from third-party tool in SDA
1794004 CAPTURE LIBRARY Diode pin numbers different in Capture in release 16.6 and 17.2-2016
1735506 CAPTURE OTHER File menu is missing in Capture
1766663 CAPTURE SCHEMATICS Capture crashes during part placement
1762181 CAPTURE SCHEMATIC_EDI Crash on ‘Push Occ. Prop into Instance’
1786762 CAPTURE SCHEMATIC_EDI ‘Remove Occurrence Properties’ and ‘Push Occ. Prop into Instance’ corrupt database
1759424 CIS PART_MANAGER Unable to save the link database part from part manager
1802670 CONCEPT_HDL CORE Variant commands take 6 to 10 hours to run on a block
1816798 CONSTRAINT_MGR CONCEPT_HDL CM API ACNS_DESIGN returns the design name in mixed case
1812656 CONSTRAINT_MGR DATABASE Constraint Value specified at the DEFAULT PCSet/SCSet is not shown in bold blue
1635766 CONSTRAINT_MGR UI_FORMS Worksheet views are not changed as per input
1700505 ECW PART_LIST_MAN Shopping Cart Quantity is not read or not displayed in Pulse
1797371 ECW PROJECT_MANAG Clicking on another project sometimes takes you to the default project instead of the project you click on
1843526 INSTALLATION TRIAL Trial installer should not check disk space in update licensing mode
1762148 PCB_LIBRARIAN SETUP Part Developer: Text not readable in Setup form
1770760 PCB_LIBRARIAN SYMBOL_EDITOR Symbol Editor does not remember the last size of the window
1773604 PCB_LIBRARIAN SYMBOL_EDITOR Option to switch between the new and legacy Symbol Editors
1800354 PCB_LIBRARIAN SYMBOL_EDITOR Resistor has too many lines and looks wrong in new symbol editor
1813346 PCB_LIBRARIAN SYMBOL_EDITOR Resistor looks different with multiple diagonal lines in new Symbol Editor but looks normal in DE-HDL
1815279 PCB_LIBRARIAN SYMBOL_EDITOR Unable to change Grid Settings from Lines to Dots
1738603 PSPICE DIG_SIMULATOR Release 17.2-2016 PSpice digital model: Delay defined by PINDLY is not taken into account
1802905 PSPICE ENCRYPTION Incorrect option shown in PSpiceENC syntax in usage detail
1765345 PSPICE ENVIRONMENT Custom distributions are not added to the dropdown
1784856 PSPICE ENVIRONMENT PSpice ignoring directory changes for Save check point in simulation setup session
1817805 PSPICE ENVIRONMENT Incorrect result for PSpice ‘Start saving data after’
1784507 PSPICE FRONTENDPLUGI Spelling of ‘Definition’ in PSpice Part Search is not correct
1801790 PSPICE LIBRARIES SAC model giving errors
1738776 PSPICE SIMULATOR PSpice simulation stops before TSTOP
1795950 PSPICE SIMULATOR Simulation cannot be completed in release 17.2-2016 but is completed in release 16.6
1803407 PSPICE SIMULATOR Getting convergence error on a model
1814759 PSPICE SLPS .INC file is not working with SLPS
1715859 SIP_LAYOUT ETCH_BACK Etchback mask not overlapping each other; creating floating metal
1729523 SIP_LAYOUT INTERACTIVE When creating a bond finger solder mask the results do not match the required settings
1800069 SIP_LAYOUT INTERACTIVE Corrupt dra/psm symbol, but the reason is unclear
1756620 SIP_LAYOUT SHAPE Performance issue when moving vias.
1782928 SIP_LAYOUT SHAPE Shape merging (logical operation) shows error though measuring shows elements are correctly spaced
1816454 SIP_LAYOUT THIEVING Thieving: need thieving as a specific data type in CM to better control the filling pattern
1728026 TDA CORE Check-in should not require all child objects to be checked in specially if they are not checked-out
1823976 TDA SHAREPOINT Connection to server terminates when joining a project

System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
System Requirements: Cadence SPB OrCAD OrCAD 17.20


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