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Aug 24

Autodesk Maya v2018.4 (Mac OSX)

Autodesk Maya v2018.4 (Mac OSX)

Autodesk Maya v2018.4 (Mac OSX) | 1.4 GB

With new enhancements and an ongoing focus on stability, Autodesk Maya 2018 software helps artists work faster and more efficiently than ever. Over the past few releases, Maya has continued to push the boundaries when it comes to character creation with updates to modeling, animation, and new interactive grooming workflows. In addition to characters, the motion graphics workflow in Maya continues to mature with growing capabilities that now includes rigid-body dynamics. When it comes to rendering, the combination of Render Setup and Arnold provides artists with a powerful rendering solution that can tackle the toughest projects.

Autodesk Maya 2018.4 Update Release Notes:
The following list contains bug numbers and corresponding descriptions for issues fixed in this release.

MAYA-92663 Blendshape: Weights display does not update when changing targets
MAYA-92278 Crashes or freezes with Bake Deformer
MAYA-92547 Cycle errors with rig
MAYA-92892 Eye Shader with animated textures does not update in Parallel EM
MAYA-92109 Graph Editor: Crash when taking a snapshot of quaternion curves if buffer curves are shown
MAYA-92226 Joint manipulators are offset in viewport after unparenting from joint chain
MAYA-93273 Maya 2018 fails to re-evaluate basic DG nodes in some cases
MAYA-92609 MFnMesh.getPoints(kWorld) is slow in Maya 2018 with non-default context
MAYA-92726 Painting blend shape weights fails if other paint tools have been used
MAYA-92973 Parent constraining IK Wrist effector to IK Wrist effector snaps when scrubbing timeline in Parallel EM
MAYA-91754 Performance: Crash with fat connections during playback
MAYA-91000 Performance: Face rig has visual artifact with GPU blend shape
MAYA-92983 Performance: GPU Override: Selecting and translating controllers causes changes to character’s position
MAYA-92460 Performance: Hidden object slows down Maya playback in VP2 with invisibility evaluator enabled
MAYA-92596 Performance: Object instances explode during playback in Parallel Evaluation
MAYA-91860 Performance: Vp2ParallelEvaluationTask takes longer after 2017.5
MAYA-92315 ProxyAttribute: Technical documentation examples still use "ref" flag
MAYA-91717 Rigging: Incorrect evaluation of driven object rotation
MAYA-92329 Twist attribute not updating on wire
MAYA-91047 VP2 update not working when animated visibility changes

MAYA-92234 Crash on file save to MayaAscii when scene contains large string attribute
MAYA-92357 Alembic 1.7.5 update introduces library name conflicts
MAYA-92951 Alembic cache paths saved in Maya 2018.3 cannot be remapped
MAYA-90878 Assembly Reference Node can not delete custom attribute
MAYA-92742 Changing Lambert color on slider is not printing/undoing the changes
MAYA-92488 Crash on startup when encountering OpenCL initialization errors
MAYA-92542 Dragging slider crashes or hangs Maya when Undo is disabled
MAYA-74207 Duplication of certain object names results in large suffixes and name clash errors
MAYA-92650 Error message when switching cameras with the same name
MAYA-92646 FBX: Normal is incorrect after scene is saved and reopened
MAYA-91764 File Save crash with versioned reference file extension
MAYA-91156 Idle scriptJob causing Maya to run at 100% of CPU even after killed
MAYA-92243 Manipulating input to layeredTexture fails to update in Viewport
MAYA-91280 Maya crash when running cmds.ls(".", recursive = True)
MAYA-90780 MGlobal::executePythonCommand called from multiple threads can lead to crash
MAYA-92952 Namespaces can be left in a read-only state after reference operation
MAYA-92665 Ordered selection during SelectionChanged callback is incorrect
MAYA-92856 Pressing certain hotkeys causes hotkeys to no longer work
MAYA-91765 PySide: Accessing event.source() inside the dragEnterEvent() crashes Maya
MAYA-92675 Python-Mel intercommunication: Evaluation crashes Maya
MAYA-92318 Referenced scene will override master scene meta data
MAYA-89934 Renaming attribute with Edit Attribute Window does not get saved to file
MAYA-92940 Saving a scene file over a network with a large number of nested file references is slow
MAYA-92312 Saving referenced exported file with custom extension crashes Maya 2018.3

MASH not checking for non-GUI modes in all places
Crash when command line batch rendering scene with referenced MASH in it.

MAYA-92912 Crash loading scenes with Pose Interpolators that have no drivers
MAYA-92679 Crash when running polySplitVertex and polyMergeVertex
MAYA-92480 Crash using Multi-Cut on non-symmetrical objects while symmetry is enabled
MAYA-92450 Duplicated LOD groups should automatically connect to the perspective camera
MAYA-91511 Duplicating Maya LOD Groups adds unexpected attributes
MAYA-92678 Invert Selection no longer works for objects in groups
MAYA-91552 Latency when sculpting on meshes using Smooth Mesh Preview
MAYA-92690 Merge Tool breaks Tangents/BiNormals on model
MAYA-92462 New faces created by Quad Draw don’t show in viewport when using Isolate Select
MAYA-92913 RMB menu Paint > Sculpt opens legacy Sculpt Geometry tool
MAYA-92680 Split Mesh with Projected Curve is no longer working
MAYA-92656 UV Distortion Shader no longer supports multiple object selection

MAYA-91745 "Custom" collection filter grabs all node types until/unless you enter a valid expression
MAYA-91642 "Export Scene Render Settings/AOVs" JSON files lack formatting (difficult to read or compare them)
MAYA-92211 animation runs 2x slower if objects are excluded from Render Layers compared to hiding them
MAYA-91739 Can’t enter layer if overridden Render Settings node is missing
MAYA-91558 Crash when undoing Render Setup override creation on referenced node
MAYA-92959 Error thrown when overriding a node shared between sets
MAYA-92283 imagePlane is blank in viewport on scene load if imageName has a Render Setup override in a visible layer
MAYA-91743 JSON import fails with no warning if Render Settings collections point to missing plug-in nodes
MAYA-92635 Lights not added to visible layer if "Enable untitled collections" preference is disabled and "Include all lights in each render layer" preference is enabled
MAYA-91701 Maya freezes for a while creating thumbnails when selecting large image files in file browser
MAYA-91557 No warning when using improper choices for shader overrides
MAYA-91632 OCIO: "Scene Not Saved" confirmation occurs when launching Maya from command line, disrupting automatic processes
MAYA-92227 Playback is not faster if collections containing animation are disabled
MAYA-92631 Render Setup "Export Scene AOVs" no longer outputs override values to the JSON file. Use File > Export Visible Layer AOVs instead.
MAYA-92206 Render Setup: Defunct render layers coming in on File: Import when Use Namespaces is set to Off or namespace is deleted
MAYA-92945 Unable to set layer visible after deleting collection that shares nodes with separate collection that was created using an expression
MAYA-92931 When referencing/importing Render Setup scenes, masterLayer objects are visible but layer overrides are active

MAYA-92569 colorEditor command does not respect rgb flag
MAYA-92625 Custom icons get renamed if they cannot be located
MAYA-92633 Dockable Outliner becomes blank after changing viewport panel to outline panel using hotbox
MAYA-92858 Marking menu gets stuck when Alt is pressed while displaying the marking menu
MAYA-91626 OS native file dialog not working when reconnecting or replacing references on Mac OS X
MAYA-92844 Pressing Shift + M does not hide the Outliner top menu
MAYA-92562 Syntax error printed in Python script editor

MAYA-92927 Consolidate World breaks geometry override with custom resource handles
MAYA-92652 Crash when applying PSD file as color to shader
MAYA-92926 Crash when selecting node with custom resource handles with consolidate world on
MAYA-92747 Crash when switching to component mode on skinned characters. Can’t paint weights.
MAYA-92706 Curve Point is not displayed by Drop off locator of Wire deformer
MAYA-92610 Having the UV Editor open causes display corruption on meshes with 2 UV sets and Colorset
MAYA-92065 Invalid selection for MPxDrawOverride implementations using MPxDrawOverride::userSelect
MAYA-92393 layeredTexture not updating correctly in the viewport
MAYA-92575 Local rotation axis doesn’t draw when far from the origin
MAYA-91394 Material renaming breaks updates between attributes and the viewport.
MAYA-92494 Memory usage keeps increasing and CPU overuse if UV editor is open and one texture is displayed
MAYA-92854 Mesh Corruption in VP2
MAYA-92612 MFrameContext::kExcludeHUD should exclude film gate, etc. camera/film related properties
MAYA-92730 MPxSubSceneOverride selection issues – depth order/instance selection
MAYA-91569 Point light depth map shadows don’t obey light depth range attributes
MAYA-92704 Selecting bullet constraint/rigidbody/softbody/solver fails
MAYA-92629 Soft select fails to draw properly with 1 degree curves in Viewport 2.0
MAYA-92877 Texture display breaks on VP2
MAYA-92552 translateFrame not updating in the viewport
MAYA-92750 TX image plug-in not being used by VP2 image loader
MAYA-92820 UV Editor has 100% GPU consumption with Shaded or Distortion view
MAYA-92146 Viewport Corruption with Default Material enabled
MAYA-92456 VP2 Component Selection for MPxDrawOverride::refineSelectionPath()
MAYA-91962 VP2 Native Selection: customizable HW selection support for plugin render items (MRenderItem)
MAYA-91274 VP2: NURBS high precision not working
MAYA-92511 VP2: NURBS precision issues causing surfaces to disappear

MAYA-92737 Crash with XGen and missing reference/reference edits

Supported Operating Systems: Apple MacOSx 10.10.5, 10.11.x, 10.12.x operating system.

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