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Jan 25

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2017 Portable


Adobe Media Encoder CC 2017 Portable | 327 Mb

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2017 – an encoding program that allows you to encode audio and video files in various common formats for different applications and audiences. These video and audio formats are characterized by high degree of compression. Download this app to cwer.ws, you can export video in formats suitable for devices ranging from DVD-players, and Web sites to mobile phones, portable media players and TV standard and high definition.


It is important that Adobe Media Encoder CC 2017 can handle multiple video and audio clips in a batch mode; in environments where video is a significant part of the content, batch processing speeds up workflow. During video encoding software you can add, reorder, and change the encoding settings of files in the batch processing queue.

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2017 supports different video export formats depending on the Adobe applications that are installed together with the program. In particular, it is a coding core for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Prelude. However, the program may be used as a standalone encoding means.

Advantages of Adobe Media Encoder CC 2017:

Creating AS-11 package using DPP. Now in the Adobe Media Encoder along with other encoding options can create files based on the AS-11 UK DPP version 1.1 common standard for broadcasting in the UK.
New codecs Dolby. Two new codec Dolby: Dolby Digital Plus and compatible with Blu ray?. You can also install additional Dolby Digital settings.
Import and export settings updates. Provided enhanced support XAVC. You can now export to formats XAVC HD Class 200, XAVC 2K / 4K 24p and XAVC 4K Class 480. There are additional options XDCAM. You can use the new settings for open and closed groups psevdokadrov and psevdokadrov groups with a fixed or variable duration. You can import files SStP. Red frames are no longer added to the media data MXF OP1a, when Adobe Media Encoder can not perform picture coding. Instead, if the coding error frame is inserted adjacent and warning recorded.
Setting the frame rate without its own timeline. A new installation of indefinite range of media in the menu “Edit”> “Settings”> “Media”, which allows you to set the frame rate to the original media without its own timeline, such as sets of images.
Synchronization settings. After the first use of the function “File”> “Sync Settings” in the Adobe Media Encoder the CC 2014 you import settings and templates from the Adobe Media Encoder version 7.x.
The tool exports Wraptor DCP. The tool exports Wraptor DCP (Digital Cinema Package) from the QuVIS – a quick and easy way to transfer the project to the format for movie theaters with 2K resolution, at 24 frames per second and the audio configuration to 5.1.

New Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015.3:

Media Browser. The Adobe Media Encoder is now included familiar media browser that makes it easy to find media files and carry out a preview.
Inserting and transcoding. Now, Adobe Media Encoder, you can import media files from the camera to local disk, so you can quickly start their editing in Premiere Pro.
Export files directly from Audition and Character Animator. With Adobe Media Encoder, you can perform the export directly from Audition and Character Animator.
Support for publication on Twitter. The advanced publishing process Adobe Media Encoder adds Twitter social network, complementing the popular options such publication as YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. Users can now create a video and share it on Twitter using the Adobe Media Encoder.
New feature to import folders. AME now supports drag and drop folders to the queue from your desktop or from the Media Browser panel. All supported media files in the folder are added to the queue as new sources, including files in subdirectories. Added individual to keep track of a long process of import dialog box that allows you to stop the import by clicking “Cancel”.
Support for export to Panasonic AVC-LongG. In Adobe Media Encoder adds support for codecs Panasonic AVC-LongG (AVC-LongG6 / 12/25/50) in the shell MXF OP1a. These codecs are available as part of MXF OP1a format.
Support for AS-10 exports. Adobe Media Encoder now allows you to export the settings using the AS-10 exports.
Support for redistributing the time FCP XML. Adobe Media Encoder supports the import of velocity gradients and export Final Cut Pro XML-documents.
Direct exports to drive XDCAM HD. Starting with this release, Adobe Media Encoder provides the ability to directly export media files on the disk XDCAMHD.
Intelligent Rendering of QT XDCAM HD in MXF XDCAM HD. You can perform an intelligent rendering QuickTime XDCAM HD MXF wrapper sources. This is achieved by simply selecting the check box “Enable smart codec rendering” corresponding MXF OP1a template parameters.
HEVC support for 10-bit output. Adobe Media Encoder supports 10-bit output HEVC format. You can set the capacity in bits by Main (8-bit) or Main10 (for 10 bits) in the “Profiles” tab “Video HEVC».
A new check box to remove the restrictions on the duration for XAVC-Intra specification. new flag “Compatible with Sony devices,” added The XAVC export options. By default, this check box is cleared, and the duration of the displayed material always corresponds to the total duration of the source. When checked, the output file will be brought into line with the requirements of Sony, bringing the end of the file may be truncated.
The “On the attributes of the source file” formats for still images. Setting “with the attributes of the source file” is now available for all formats of still images that are supported by AME. It ensures that the source material height and frame width, speed, frame rate, and field order of the proportions of the image. Earlier settings templates removed and replaced with new versions with the means to ensure compliance with the source.

New Adobe Media Encoder CC 2017:

Stapling clips during insertion. Now AME can combine multiple resources into a single clip, allowing users to change the order of resources tailored video after import.
Support for the publication in the Behance. The advanced publishing process Adobe Media Encoder adds social Behance Network, complementary options such as the publication in social networks, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Twitter. Users can now create a video and share it in the Behance using the Adobe Media Encoder.


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